A return…

Years ago, from 2011 to 2015 I had a blog that was modestly successful. I had close to 10,000 followers, and I enjoyed sharing my ideas, my photos and my opinions with people. It brought me great satisfaction.

Then I grew disillusioned with it. It seemed blogs weren’t a thing anymore. I joined Instagram and the like, and you know, after all these years, those newer forums didn’t give me the enjoyment I had enjoyed when I had a blog.

So after a lot of deliberation, I decided today to blog again. Not sure where it will lead me though. I guess what I want is to vent, to express emotion, to be who I am, without the limitations of the other social media platforms.

I haven’t come up with a title yet though, or a ‘look’. Right now it’s called How Sad, How Lovely, based on a song by Connie Converse. It’s also the title of my manuscript. In 2018 I wrote a collection of short stories, and I sent it off to some agencies and publishers and I’m waiting to hear back. It’s one of my dreams to have my book published and I think my stories are really good, so I hope that the powers-that-be do too. Some are in better shape than others, but they’ll come along I’m sure.

The last time I kept a blog it sort of gave me life, a purpose and it was around a time that you could share opinions and views on life without the torrent of hatred that has now overrun such platforms as Twitter and Facebook. As a result, everyone plays it safe these days; so afraid of a tarnished image that they only post content I would view as vanilla, and well, boring.

I guess I’ll see. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the content that I produce. I’m hoping to post one ‘story’ a day. And go from there. These things usually develop a life of their own.

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