Democrats & Liberals are getting what they deserve

For months now I have attempted to highlight a critical error in liberal ideology. And that is their belief that they are morally superior to conservatives.

I have lost friends, I have been blocked, unfollowed, unfriended and I have been called a bigot, a racist, in support of white supremacy among many other claims and names.

Trump’s support among people of colour has increased widely from the 2016 election to the 2020 election. It may be in part because of what I have written over and over again on social media and with my well-intentioned but misguided liberal friends over drinks and dinner.

How was this a good strategy: telling black people that they must all think the same, that they are all victims of systemic racism, that they are all oppressed and that the only people who can save them are woke, educated liberals, mostly white middle aged women, who look down on them as poor, disadvantaged and uneducated.

Who would have thought this would backfire?!

Then, to make matters worse these woke liberals began to set cities aflame in the name of social justice, during a pandemic where citizens were already seeing their livelihoods interrupted, erased and margianalized. And the Democrats, who ran these cities did nothing to help these small business store owners, and insisted that it was for some ‘greater good.’

Who would have thought this strategy would backfire?

It doesn’t take a political genius. It is racist to assume that all people of colour, and that all minorities must think the same, and that it must be aligned to leftist group think.

If you’re one of those people who attempted to shame a white person into saying they had privilege, how did you think that was going to go? Who were you doing it for? Did you think that if all white people stood up and said, alright I have privilege, that it would have ended racism?

Black people are tired of being told that they are weaker than white people. The media focuses on a fringe, very vocal minority and the white masses buy it, because they want to appear virtuous. They want to appear that they are somehow morally superior to those whites who have different insights.

It’s their ego that blinds them from the truth and further isolates people of colour. And that’s what we’re seeing south of the border now. I hope, dear God, I hope that liberals do some thinking and self analysis for once about how their smugness is alienating more and more people and pushing them to the right.

Note: I would like to add about those who have called me names or simply stopped being my friend, that I don’t really care.

I’ve said this before, if their ideology is more important to them than friendships than they were never really my friends to begin with.

I bring it up to highlight the obvious: these people are not the open minded, compassionate or empathetic people they claim to be. They are simple, narrow minded, singularly focused hypocrites who believe that everyone must think the way they do. That is far more narcissistic than a selfie ever could be.

They’ll learn no lessons, because to subvert what they believe comes with great risks. This includes losing their friends, jeapordazing their social status and standing up for what is right, and that’s critical thought, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and the willingness to listen to intellectual diversity.

These traits, for them, take far too much courage.

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