I’ve thought a lot lately about the meaning of narcissism.

Many would assume that it’s about vanity. Maybe posting too many selfies. But I think the most narcissistic people are the ones who think that everyone should believe in what they believe in. That everyone should think the way that they think.

We’re living in a more uniformed time. We select friends, or discard them, even family members, because they either share the same beliefs as us, or they don’t. In a secular society such as ours, it’s ironically dogmatic.

If you look at social media for instance, the idea that some of you out there think that your followers must consider you before posting, is narcissism in a way.

That somehow you should be their priority on platforms that allow for freedom of expression, is odd. It always leads me to wonder why be on something when you’re most likely going to be exposed to ideas, opinions, images that you’re not comfortable with? It’s bound to happen.

You know a few years back someone told me that I should be more mindful with what I write because she found me obnoxious and offensive. She didn’t like that I was being critical about the idea of cultural appropriation. I think the concept is bullshit. Don’t eat pasta or try to make it ever again then!

I turned it back on her by revealing, yes, I can be more mindful, but you can also be more careful with how you receive opinions or ideas that you don’t like. You don’t have to react hysterically and become personally offensive, which she had become.

I realized in our telephone conversation that she was a narcissist. The world would be easier for her, if everyone said and did what she thought was right. It’s a totalitarian way of thinking. It’s tyranny. It’s no better than fascism. And she considered herself a leftist, a liberal.

Life, if you keep your ear to the ground, if you take adventures and risks and dare to be bold, whether you’re right or wrong, can reveal many interesting facets about human psychology.

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