A matter of perspective

My perspective is that all perspectives are valid. To ourselves.

I don’t like to demonize those who think differently than I do, just as I don’t want the same to happen to me, and it has.

There are arguments and ideas that after being held up to debate, appear stronger than others, and that’s okay.

But often, I’ve noticed, especially in this polarized world of ours, that if you don’t share my perspective it’s evidence that you’re not only wrong, but that you’re morally flawed.

Often, on Facebook, I have argued that these are opinions the left have in abundance, especially for those who disagree with their woke ideas.

But the right is no different, we’re seeing this play out right now in their refusal to accept that they have lost the election.

I’ll hear anyone out, I’ll listen to what they have to say, and then I determine, based on the evidence at my disposal, what I want to believe, or what makes the most sense to me.

I’m not forcing anyone, or vilifying anyone who wants to think differently than I do. And that’s where we all need to get to, I believe.

You know, I’ve often found people bragging about unfollowing or unfriending someone on social media for their philosophical or political posts, as though by doing so, they’re affirming that the way they see the world is the right way.

I think, yet again, how limiting and restrictive these individuals are, how narrow minded, singularly focused, strangely narcissistic.

If we got closer to a point where we could accept that we all view the world differently, that we have experiences that bring us to specific conclusions, and if maybe we were better at articulating those experiences, we might be in a stable place within our own minds.

More at peace.

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