Goodbye, my love

Gus passed away this morning, a month shy of his 14th birthday.

I will miss him terribly. Gus was rescued five years ago and since then we’ve seen him through a few health scares. He had epilepsy, and lost mobility in his hind legs a couple of years ago.

Despite all of that he was a truly happy dog. What I know of his life before us was that he lived on the streets of Quebec with a homeless man named Bruno. I’m not sure if any of that is true.

It pains me that I will never really know what his life was like before us, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

He was a pain in the ass. He was super spoiled and we would get into arguments a lot. I’m not a patient person, and he required so much patience.

This past Wednesday he didn’t seem himself, as though he was giving up. He had always been super happy, drank and ate all his food. But this was something different. When I woke on Thursday morning I thought it best to pet him a bit longer before heading out to work. When I came home it was obvious that his time on this earth was almost over.

My dearest Gus, I hope one day we will be reunited. Life is so painful sometimes, knowing that my wish may never happen.

I will love you always, and thank you for loving me.

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