The me, me, me generation

I grew up with nothing. Not a penny.

My father was an Italian immigrant, my mother was from Nova Scotia. Neither of them finished high school. My dad worked as a barber. My mom was a housewife, who attempted to raise five kids. She did not succeed.

When I was 16 I got a job, and worked. It literally paid for my first year of university. I worked 40 hours a week and went to school at the same time.

I would wake at 5 in the morning, drive my drug addicted brother (his driver’s licence was suspended for drinking and driving) to his factory job in Milton, then I would drive all the way back home, shower, put on my uniform and go to school.

I would put in a whole day, then I would drive all the way back to Milton, pick up my delinquent brother, drive him home and then go to work until 11 that evening.

I would repeat it all again the next day. Then I would work all weekend.

On top of all that I was bullied at school for being gay, was living with neglectful, abusive parents, and that very brother whom I would drive to and from Milton every day, well, he had nothing but malice for me.

These are not the woes of some victim. In fact, despite all this dysfunction I never whithered. I persevered.

I am so sick and tired of all these weak people who think hard work is simply waking up. You have to be strong. You have to be brave. You have to have character. I have been surrounded by idiots my whole life.

People who cry at any minor inconvenience. People who can’t even chop a vegetable because they think it’s too hard. People who outsource the simplest of labour because they can’t be bothered with cleaning their own house. Their mess.

Then they tell me I have privilege. Everything I have in my life I paid for with my own earnings. I never had a single person give me anything. And I hear these idiots say they should get a free education.

I graduated with $38,000 worth of tuition debt. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree. Guess what? I paid it all back. These people who want me to pay for their tuition are not victims. They are lazy. I’m tired of them.

If you want a good life, the one I have, you work for it. I worked for and earned every goddamned thing I have. I pay every tax asked of me.

You need grit and determination.

What a world we find ourselves in. All these privileged kids telling everyone else, who worked hard, that they are privileged.

Liberal hacks. None of these people know hard work, compromise or sacrifice. It’s just me, me, me.

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