Gossip, and the power of shaming

Canadian, WASP culture wears people down. It is entirely based on shaming and embarrassing people into conforming to their idea of normal.

I used to frequent a village pub and this dumb bartender asked if he could follow me on Instagram. I was wary of doing this because I knew how immature he is.

I post outside the conformity of our society. I take risks, and I knew for someone like him, it would be fodder for gossip; that is how small his mind is.

So of course, within a week he proves me right. He was screenshotting my pictures and showing them to his colleagues, and other regulars at the pub.

I’m not dumb, I have a very specific type of intuition. I read people well.

He attempted to shame me one day in front of people for what I post and how much I post.

Listen, I didn’t care what this loser thought of me, his life is really awful. He spends the majority of his time high and drunk, talking and thinking about other people. He once got so high he burnt down his whole apartment, killing his cat, and didn’t do anything to make it up to his neighbours, whose lives he had disturbed.

This is not someone whose opinion means much to me.

What I took issue with was the attempt to shame me. And I defended myself to him. I decided a little while later to stop frequenting that specific pub. Why would I spend time at a place with people who clearly did not deserve my tips?

I’m left with the question: why do Canadians think that everyone wants to be or should be like them?

I’m going to tell you, there isn’t one person in this world whom I envy, especially not an imbecile like that moron.

But shaming is a tactic many Canadians, or WASPs, use to embarrass people into submission.

If you’re not aware of what they’re doing, they get away with this behaviour.

All of you are free to write what you want, to say what you want, to think what you want, to express yourself however you want to express yourself.

Those who attempt to shame you to conform to their tiny world view are the problem, not you. I wish more people were stronger and were able to fight back against this type of stupidity.

In the age of social media, it is too common to see small minds shaming others. They are sad, tiny little beings, afraid of breaking the chains they have placed on themselves.

Chains they want to shackle others with, as well.

Circling back to gossip, I have noticed in my life here that Canadians are a passive bunch. Passive aggressive, indirect, they never say what they mean, they constantly gossip. They will say one thing to your face, act as though you’re their best friend, and then when you’re gone, will start talking shit about you to others.

I mean, what is it about gossip? I understand in many ways that it is normal for human beings to talk about other people, but here in Canada, I often overhear, or am forced to listen to, toxic gossip.

Most gossip is toxic. You take a morsel of what you think you know of someone, their relationship, whatever it is, and then blow it all out of proportion.

Do people realize, when they’re doing this sort of thing, how callous and mean spirited it is? But also, do they not realize how irresponsible it is?

It is a symptom of an immature person who engages in these sorts of antics, yet, I see it too often.

No one is entitled to know anything about anyone else.

I have to tell you, I never answer personal questions about myself. If I meet someone for the first time, and they ask me about my relationship status, or whatever it is, I do not answer it. Why? They have no right to know anything.

I won’t be going home with them regardless of the answer.

And usually when I do answer I just hear the same old trite replies. Goooood for you. Stupid shit like that. So, I often will lie, make up a story, use my imagination.

I’m more interested in talking about ideas.

People are so bored with their own lives that they spend too much time thinking about others.

If someone is not confessing every facet of their personal life, it is not up to someone else to make up a story with the little pieces of information they think they know.

If more people could simply worry about their own lives, work on improving themselves and their own circumstances, our world would be a better place.

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