Monogamy, fidelity and normality

Monogamy and fidelity have never really made a lot of sense to me.

I remember growing up and it was apparently the most important thing to everyone. But no one was good at it. And no one was happy doing it.

I find it odd that people restrict and limit themselves in ways that are unnatural to their basic needs.

It’s okay to be attracted to other people and to want to have sex with them, and then to have sex with them.

Everyone should be free to define their relationship however they please without some pressure to conform to what other people think a relationship should look like.

I believe a lot of this pressure comes from women. And usually it’s for the sake of appearances. I can tell you from what I know, their husbands are sex starved.

To be honest, no one knows what goes on between two people, or three, or four.

People don’t even know what goes on in their own minds!

I see so much judgment towards people who choose to live their own way. To make up their own rules outside the social construct.

It goes back to what I was writing yesterday, people should worry about themselves more, work on improving their own lives and leave everyone else alone.

Yes, we all have our own understanding of what normal is.

But some people think that their idea of normal should be your idea of normal.

And how do they go about enforcing this? They attempt to shame. They attempt to embarrass. They talk behind your back. They gossip about you. They create narratives, their own truths.

They essentially attempt to pressure others into living the way they think everyone should live.

But this is a very bored and insecure person.

People who do this are essentially unhappy, and what they’re trying to do is justify their own personal choices because they are insecure about them.

So instead of dealing with that, being introspective, conducting some self-analysis, they focus on others, which is unfortunate.

I see this happen all the time. Especially on social media.

“Why would she post that?” My reply, “Because she’s not you.”

We need to be more aware of this going forward, as our society in Canada becomes more uniform. I’m seeing a real lack of originality and intellectual diversity, especially from the left, and liberals.

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