“Fitting in” limits personal freedom

In the many years I’ve been on social media I’ve had people write and ask if I’m “okay.”

I reply, “why do you ask?”

The response, “well your posts, you seem upset, or angry.”

I really try not to be insulting here, because I know people take it personally, but I have to tell you this about Canadians: the majority are passionless, emotionless, expressionless and downright boring.

They have this belief that everyone must be like them.

But I don’t want to be anyone other than who I am. If that means I’m ‘angry’ sometimes, okay.

I am a passionate person.

Bea Arthur once said of herself, “I am an open nerve. I feel everything.” This perfectly encapsulates who I am as well.

My sister tells me that when I was young, a toddler, I was really happy-go-lucky, and that I was always content being on my own, and using my imagination.

She said I never really wanted to associate with other children. That is who I still am, in many ways. Simply replace children with adults.

I’m really a positive and optimistic person who sees the best in people. Unfortunately, they often, disappoint.

It has been challenging for me, in my life, to live in this grey society.

I have never really had a desire to “fit in”, because I’ve always known that essentially we are all alone.

I also don’t want to limit myself; “fitting in” comes with a loss of intellectual freedom.

I’m very okay with being alone, it doesn’t scare me like it does others.

I am proud of being a passionate person. I am proud of being someone who feels and emotes.

Many over the years have told me I should be ashamed or embarrassed about it. But I’m not. I really don’t find anything about it cringe-worthy.

You have this one life. Why would I waste mine trying to conform to how others think I should be?

Unfortunately, I have to tell you, so many people do.

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