2021: A warning

New ideas are created when they can be discussed freely, but if there is a CORRECT view then you cease to have new ideas.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

I was having a conversation last month with a peer, a self-professed, open minded liberal.

She was going on about BLM and as she was talking I was challenging her on what she was choosing to believe. I gathered she was becoming agitated that I was not agreeing with her.

At some point I stopped her and I said, “Mary, it sounds like you only surround yourself with people who believe the same things as you do.”

This is common, among the left, especially.

The way they see it any conservative is alt-right and evil. Conservative views aren’t worthy of consideration.

The left has eliminated any need for conversation, debate or discussion, because they have convinced themselves that any discord, or dissenting opinion to what they choose to believe is morally wrong.

They’re on the right side of history and everyone else is a Nazi sympathizer.

It’s impossible to reason with individuals like this, let alone whole groups who think like this.

The general public needs to be mindful about what the left is doing and how they are infecting our institutions with totalitarianism.

For them, there can only be one way to think. There is only one idea and view that is correct.

That is not liberalism.

I hope smart, educated and knowledgeable people are able to see through what the left is doing. However, I have my doubts.

The left have decided that any view outside of their own must be punished, by any means necessary. It has become a fanatical religion.

What we’ve learned over the summer, with all the riots and all the destruction to small, independent businesses in the name of social justice, is that our governments are willing to let them get away with it.

And what a year it has been for small, independent shopkeepers. They have been left to die. What we will be left with are big, homogeneous conglomerate online stores.

Where does that lead us? What kind of future do you think we’re heading towards?

We must all be vigilant and careful and not support this religious ideology known as the left.

My fear, especially with Canadians, is that the majority lack conviction and courage. They are too afraid to stand forward.

We will see.

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