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Fighting the woke

Over the years, since I began my journey away from the left, I’ve been met with a lot of hate. From so-called liberals.

One friend, called me up to yell at me, and then she said I was stupid, unintelligent and a snowflake.

Another, told me I was dangerous and awful.

Recently, another friend, explained that we could no longer be friends, that we had grown too much apart, because I wouldn’t agree with her that all black people are victims.

She was under some misguided notion that only the views of liberal scholars and academics had any merit. She did not appreciate that I was posting articles and videos by BLACK ACADEMICS, SCHOLARS, INTELLECTUALS, PROFESSORS, etc. The difference was that these black people were fighting against the identity liberals had imposed on them.

These overweight, white, upper class, middle aged women believe I have to think and express myself the way that they do. This isn’t only narcissism, it’s tyranny.

It’s a sad day when you lose respect for people whom you’ve invited into your home, people you’ve shared fond memories with. I am perfectly capable of being friends with people who think differently than I do. It’s a mind fuck, when they can’t. You begin to open your eyes a lot more to their limitations, their own personal restrictions.

Identity politics is killing Canada, and it’s leading to the end of democracy. It’s hard to get leftists to understand that minorities aren’t all left-leaning in their politics. And they shouldn’t have to be.

Black people don’t all have to think the same. They don’t all have to believe that they’re victims and oppressed by “whiteness.”

Gay people don’t all have to be liberals; we can also be conservatives. We can think however we want to think.

What’s really racist, is this liberal ideology that attempts to shame and embarrass minority groups to think the exact same thing about everything. Especially, about themselves.

I’ve had a white middle aged woman (single, of course) tell me that black conservatives are “that way” because they were raised by rich white people. This is a university educated lady who is a teacher. I shake my head at her ignorance. Yet she spends a considerable amount of her life telling those who disagree with her that they are the bigots.

We should be encouraging our children, specifically, to think for themselves. To look at the world through a critical lens and to come to their own conclusions based on the evidence presented and the soundness of arguments.

Years ago, when I started speaking up about what I truly believed I was intimidated by the backlash. Strike that. It’s not necessarily what I ‘truly believe’ but a criticism, or an analysis of what I’m being told to buy, without question.

I was also emboldened by those who Direct Messaged me to offer support, an admission that they too agreed with me, but were too afraid to say anything.

Their fear is justified. The left pretends they have all the compassion in the world, that they are an authority on the subject of empathy, unless you disagree with them, or think differently than they do. Then, the gloves are off.

They call employers and attempt to get you fired. They go after your family, your partner, friends, and they do so publicly, with a self-righteous verve. Only their view is correct. And all must believe exactly how and what they do.

I believe I have a moral obligation to fight totalitarianism. Anyone who believes that there is only one way to think, and that everyone must believe the same, is a totalitarian.

Their shield is social media, but I can attest that when confronted in public they cower quickly. Why?

Mostly because they are not well read. They do not know what they are talking about. They parrot sound bites, headlines and memes and lack critical thinking skills. They have never considered the opposing view to their positions. They are under some misunderstanding that they are morally superior compared to their political opponents, which does make it challenging to argue with them. They don’t believe that their arguments should be held to any debate, discussion or conversation because their views are holy.

This is where the religious fanaticism comes into play, especially when we’re referring to the woke ideology. It’s dogma. These individuals are believers, just like a devout muslim, catholic or jew is a believer, and any dissent, or apostacy must be met with excommunication.

It is cult-like.

I was *this* close to having my short story collection published by an independent publisher. We were going back and forth for a couple of weeks until they found my Twitter, which did not align with their social justice religiosity. And so, I was dropped.

The woke nonsense has infected every fabric of our society and people need to wake up.

Our universities, our arts, our governments have all caught the virus.

The left’s hostility to any dissent is vile. Naturally people are afraid of speaking up, of voicing their disapproval, or of thinking for themselves. They may lose friends, as I have.

I will be honest, in the beginning, when friends would abandon me, I was intimidated. It scared me. I was upset, sometimes I would think, oh my, I must change my views to be like them. It’s hard when friends, people whom you admired, treat you poorly. If you’re like me, you place some pressure on yourself to make it better.

But that’s really what they want, for me to yield. It isn’t, however, how I feel. I know that their ideology is the antithesis of liberalism. I know this. I could not live as happily as I do, if I allowed them to bully me into submission.

I repeat, their views are not liberalism.

So I continue to speak my mind. To be honest about what I think and how I feel.

If someone is capable of changing my mind through common sense, reason and logic, then I’m amenable.

The problem, with the left, is they are incapable of making their arguments without hysterics.

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