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Socialism is a disease

Why are the loudest socialists always champagne socialists? The most vocal I speak to have been born into wealth. Like Karl Marx, they never worked for anything. Their parents paid for their university education, their rent, their downpayment for their first home.

Since they’ve never had to work, or pay for what they have achieved, they don’t believe anyone else should either.

Their solution for those who were not as privileged as they are is for the government to pay everyone’s way.

What about people like me, who succeeded in a capitalistic system by making good choices and working and saving? As I’ve repeated several times I worked for the life that I have. I never expected anyone to give me anything.

I grew up in a single income home, my father a barber. He could not afford to send me to university, so I sent myself by working and paying my own way. When I was a kid, my father could not fail. He had to wake up every morning, sick, with a cold, or a flu and go to work, because he had five mouths to feed.

For many reading this that seems unfair. But it built my character, it taught me many lessons, and one of those lessons is that failure is not an option.

Too many Canadians, who do not know of what they speak of, value socialism as a fair system, compared to capitalism. I disagree.

Over the last ten years I’ve spent a lot of time in South America. What I’ve learned about the economy isn’t something you can get from a textbook. I have had to live it, to experience it and to observe socialism and what it does to families.

Argentina is a pseudo-socialist, welfare society with a poor economy. Over 30% of the population lives in abject poverty.

My photographs showcase the wealth, the beauty. Not the many slums that surround the capital. Nor the petty crime.

In Buenos Aires, you will find many Venezuelans, those who escaped socialism, only to be dismayed with what they found in Argentina.

Of course, life in Argentina, for them, is far better, but it has many issues.

In a socialist society there is no desire to work, because you don’t have to. The government will give you enough money to live.

Many people in Canada wonder why this is a bad thing.

Well, allow me to explain. I believe that those who are more educated than I am, those who give back to society in terms of ingenuity, doctors, lawyers, skilled workers such as plumbers, and electricians should make more money than someone who chooses not to work.

Margaret Thatcher, in one of her last speeches in the House of Commons said it best about her socialist opponents: they would rather that the poor were poorer, provided the rich were less rich.

Those who have ambition, should be rewarded for their drive and intelligence.

In a socialist society that is considered unfair.

Here in Argentina, those who do not work receive government compensation, which then, limits their desire to find work. It completely removes that ambition, because, well, why should they work when they’re getting enough money not to?

I’ve noticed since COVID that the calls in Canada for a more socialist system are increasing. And it worries me.

For those receiving CERB, or EI, systems designed to assist those who are unemployed, there is a lack of motivation, a need to coast. They want the monthly payments to last forever. And such is what socialism does. It imprisons people into a lazy way of thinking.

Capitalism rewards motivation, and drive. It says, if you work hard enough, if you have grit, determination, good sense, then you can achieve your goals.

First, you must work. Then you are rewarded. But so is the rest of society for you see, the successful then employ citizens of small rural, and large urban areas. They benefit the economy.

When people have economic prosperity they have freedom. In a capitalist society, to benefit large you must aim high.

In a socialist society, there is none of that. It says, continue to sit on your behind, do nothing, and all will be well, the government will take care of you.

You see as a first generation Canadian I know a little about what it means to thrive. My father emigrated from Italy in the 1970s during a different time. No one coddled him. No one said, oh, you’re a person of colour, so we are going to take it easier on you. Absolutely not.

My father, for all his faults, and there are many, went to work. With honour and with that grit and determination I speak of, he has owned the same barber shop for over 40 years. And that barber shop didn’t only put food on the table of his own family, but on the families of those whom he employed.

During those 40 years he has weathered many a storm. There was a time in my teenage years when it appeared, during a recession, that he would lose it all. But he fought, because you must understand, for him, failure meant not only his ruin, but the ruin of his children.

These are the benefits of capitalism. I graduated from university in significant debt. I went to work. I had to. And I was rewarded.

For this, I I’ve never envied anyone. This sounds awful but I look at other people’s lives sometimes and I’m so happy I’m not them. There is so much in life to enjoy and I find that there are too many who can’t seem to find the simple pleasures in front of them.

Canadians seem to lack a lot of motivation. They are an apathetic, indifferent, passionless, emotionless, arrogant people. It’s a grey society.

They have no interests and are incurious about the world around them.

People ask me sometimes how I have this or that. Well, I envisioned what my life as an adult would look like and I went to get it. I was motivated. I made the right choices. I started early also. I see many people in their early 30s who are on a path I started at 19.

You can’t get a champagne socialist to understand this. They do not have the experience, the exposure to these hardships, to argue with someone like myself. But I am not alone. When I was young, I did not know any white collared families. My friends, those who I went to school with were like me. They were children of immigrants. Portuguese, Italian, Jamaican, Greek, Kenyan, Pakistani, Indian.

Through the years I have argued with people on my Facebook timeline about socialism. All of them lefties, most of them wealthy. None of them know anything about socialism, they haven’t read a single word about it.

They parrot what they hear in their social circles, that socialism is a panacea for all their ailments.

What I find more astonishing, is after I argue with them, they lack any intellectual curiosity. They don’t then attempt to learn anything about socialism.

Which is just so socialist.

Don’t work, don’t do anything.

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