Argentine Inertia

Are Argentines boring?

As beautiful as Argentina is I do have to say that there is one major flaw for someone like me.

Argentine inertia.

The people here have a low energy and are inactive in that they don’t really have a lot of verve. It’s really hard to explain. Some would label it as boring, but I think that’s too simple an explanation.

I’ve been coming to Argentina for a decade, and though I’ve enjoyed all of my visits, this, I have determined, will be my last.

During this particular trip I’ve been to a few dinner parties and small gatherings and have had to leave because, well, they’re boring. There’s that word again. But these latest experiences are not dissimilar to others.

Lots of low voices, staring at walls, a real lack of energy.

Argentines like to talk about how terrible their economy is, how corrupt their politicians are and themselves. They behave as though they are powerless to change anything, and, perhaps they are.

Of course, they sometimes will express anti-America sentiment. Yet so many Argentines want to live somewhere other than Argentina.

Their conversations are never riveting. Lots of yawning, bleary eyes and uncomfortable moments of silence.

I hate to write that, but these are my experiences and I’m open that some would disagree.

For the first couple of years I thought it was just my judgmental attitude until I started asking expats about it. They agreed with me.

In fact they’re the ones who said the word that best describes what I was referencing is inertia and that it’s a topic, as it relates to Argentines, that’s been heavily written about and discussed.

There are forums I’ve been reading during the last couple of days devoted to this.

I think for expats from more developed countries, maybe ones that have more drive or ambition, the inertia is a real adjustment issue.

It certainly has been for me. There’s simply put, not a lot of joy amongst Argentines, and for me, someone who expresses a lot of joy, who expresses a lot of emotion, that can be hard.

I leave Argentina this time with a real sense of closure, that for me, it’s time to move on and to explore other parts of the world.

For sure, I will miss the sun, and the heat. But I won’t miss the inertia.

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