Leftism is not liberalism

If your idea of happiness has to do with someone else changing what they say, what they do, you are in for a fucking hard-ass road.” ~ RuPaul

I used to be a leftist.

But then over the course of a decade, and even moreso in the last five years, I observed as they lost their minds.

They forfeited liberal values for absolute insanity. I saw how they treated anyone who disagreed with them, and thought, wow, that’s not a lot of compassion or empathy.

I thought they claimed to be the authority on compassion and empathy.

Anyone who held conservative views was treated as rubbish at the bottom of their shoes.

They became hysterical, relying solely on feelings to make their arguments.

I watched as they began to publicly shame anyone who ever made a mistake, by, I don’t know, using the N-word. Oh no!

I’m not defending the casual use of that word, but if someone says it once, and you tell them it’s wrong, and they learn from their mistakes, fucking forgive them! Don’t hold on to tweets, or audio or whatever else you have to ruin them one day.

I saw the left go after people’s jobs, infect universities, colleges, workspaces with their woke agenda. An agenda that wants to see the end of capitalism, democracy.

They see problems everywhere, but no solutions.

They claim to care, but only if it appears to others that they are persons who claim to care.

I witness as they over identify as their gender, deny science when it comes to biological sex, but defend science when it came to climate change.

I abandoned the left a long time ago, and I’m glad I did.

I do consider myself a classical liberal, but leftism is not liberalism.

It’s totalitarianism. It’s tyranny. It’s a fanatic’s religion.

It sees division everywhere. It’s nothing but chaos run by unhappy people.

They believe they will be happy once everybody else agrees with their views, which they consider to be the correct views.

They believe they will be happy when everyone thinks how they think, says what they think, and considers their feelings personally, before uttering a single word.

Beware of those who claim to have ‘correct’ views. For them, there is no more learning. There is no more growth.

Never listen to those who refuse to grow.

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