Anney Boleyn

Anyone should play anyone

Much has been made on social media today about the first photo depicting Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn. She looks stunning.

Of course, naturally, this casting decision has confused some because Anne Boleyn, the woman courted by and then executed on the orders of her husband, King Henry VIII, was white.

As some of you who follow the culture wars know, woke leftists have maintained for quite some time that only gay actors should play gay people. That only trans actors should play trans people. That only disabled actors should portray disabled people. That only black actors should portray black people.

Especially if they were historical figures.

In 2019 Scarlett Johansson was dropped from a movie project because woke activists learned that she was cast in a transgender role.

Glenn Close, at the time, came to Johansson’s defence stating: “My thinking right now is that people who are producing and directing properties like that need to go out of their way to get trans actors jobs, but they also should have the opportunity to cast the best person. Acting is a craft and anyone should be able to play anyone. But I do understand the frustration.”

I’d like to state that I applaud the casting choice of Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn. I would love to see what she does with this role, and I’m certain that it will be a thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of the often misunderstood queen.

To be clear: I’m okay with a black actor playing Anne Boleyn.

Those who are verbalizing their disapproval are not so much talking about Turner-Smith. They’re attempting to shine a spotlight on the woke’s hypocrisy. For years now those on the sidelines have watched as the woke have attempted to ruin the careers and lives of those they deem insensitive to visible minorities, regardless of intention. They demand apologies, and when they get them, say they weren’t sincere enough.

What critics are looking for is consistency. If only black actors can portray black historical figures, for example, wouldn’t it stand to reason that only white actors can portray white historical figures, too?

That is their argument, after all. They’re the ones who promote a version of this idea, with a passion.

Some reading or hearing a view similar to what I’m writing here will chime in and say yes, but people of colour have been undervalued and under-represented in film and television for too long and that casting black actors in white roles helps level the playing field. I hear that. It makes sense to me.

I understand the call for equal representation of black artists in the entertainment industry, which leads me to research the demographics, of say, the United States. Why isn’t their equal representation in 2021?

Thirteen per cent of the population in the United Sates is black. Is it wrong for me to notice that equal representation is difficult to achieve if this statistic is accurate? I mean it sounds nice, but is it possible?

I’m reading the tweets on this casting choice, everyone who has a question, or who has criticized it is being called a racist. And I think that is unfortunate. I don’t think you can dismiss them without consequences.

The left no longer makes any sense to me. They used to be reasonable. Now there is no discussion. If you don’t believe what they believe you’re evil.

For years now the left have attempted to ruin any white person who ‘appropriates’ another culture. White people are not allowed to wear any dress that may have originated from foreign, ethnic minority groups.

Years ago two young white female social justice activists ruined a white operated burrito business for appropriating Mexican culture.

The woke get very angry at any white person who appropriates a non-white culture, I know, I’ve argued with them, even lost a few friends over it.

If one truly believes in the evils of cultural appropriation, then if you’re not Italian never make Italian food again. I was at an Italian restaurant in downtown Toronto last summer entirely operated by Sri Lankans. That’s fine apparently, because they are people of colour; it would be wrong, if they were white.

I don’t make the rules.

If you’re not Chinese, never, ever order Chinese food from a non-Chinese operated restaurant. Oh right, that’s not allowed to happen anyway.

These arguments that the woke hold are juvenile at best. They should be laughed at, not taken seriously.

I’m rambling, but it’s my blog, I’m allowed to.

What most people are looking for from the woke is consistency. If people can only play characters within their race, why are they lauding the casting of Turner-Smith, while attempting to destroy the career of Johansson?

In all of that, what they’re also looking for from the woke is kindness. For them to stop trying to ruin the lives of those who disagree with them. To stop calling people who have questions about their ideology racists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, et. al.

At the end of the day, that’s what I believe it all comes down to. An attempt to return our civilization to reason, and kindness.

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