Last night I wrote that one of the ironies about progressive is that they can’t appreciate or acknowledge actual progress.

Listen to a social justice warrior speak and they’ll go on about how if you’re a member of a minority group, you’re at a disadvantage.

They attempt to silence any dissenting opinion, they won’t listen to any facts that contradict their beliefs and their narrative.

Why? Well, because they over-identify with this stuff. These narratives give them purpose. Anything that contradicts their twisted ideology is a direct threat to their warped identity. They don’t know who they are if they’re not outraged about phantom prejudices. They don’t care about racism at all, I mean, they are often overt racists themselves.

My friend tweeted this to me and I enjoyed it, “They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, consistently demonstrating a monstrous lack of empathy cloaked in a thin skin of compassion.”

He was responding to my encounter with a social justice warrior friend on a downtown Toronto street. When I motioned to all the shuttered businesses and commented on how so many hard working Canadians have lost their livelihoods during COVID-19 she said, “yeah but there have always been poor people, Franco. Now there are just more of them.” Just like that. “Oh okay,” I replied. I never heard anything so stupid.

They truly do lack empathy and compassion. Hence why they are so violently intolerant to any questions, criticisms, et. al. They’re hypocrites.

The truth is glaringly obvious to anyone who thinks: we are living in the most socially progressive time in our civilization. If you are gay, trans, black, asian, you cannot find another place in the world that is more tolerant to diversity than Western, democratic, capitalist nations.

That does not mean things are perfect, but it does nothing to help one’s cause by pretending we are living in 1930s Germany and to demonize and dehumanize all white people, and label them as oppressors, colonizers, imperialists. Bitch, I’m a son of an immigrant. Shut the fuck up!

Here’s a great tweet I read this morning to end on: “Those most loudly preaching for tolerance and inclusion never seem to grasp that their advocacy would be completely dismissed in a society that is intolerant and exclusionary.”

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