“Ain’t nobody sanctified and holy”

This morning I was in the shower thinking about the woke religion. Has Canada ever seen such a fanatical religion? Last I checked we were free to choose what we wanted to believe.

My followers and friends on Instagram are all up in arms about social justice all of the time. Excuse me, but why are all these white, middle aged, economically well off women preaching and lecturing to me and others about social justice and the evils of white men?

Ladies, go back to your Pinot Grigio.

The issue I have with the claims of white privilege, white supremacy, toxic masculinity, the patriarchy and others is that for believers there can be no dissent. We must all believe in it. If we don’t we are stupid or evil. We are shamed for criticizing the logic, or questioning the inconsistencies.

Listen, if you believe in all of that stuff, by all means, believe in it. I don’t care. Where I have a problem is when one attempts to shame others to believe it as well. It’s too dogmatic for me.

I would be fine with it if they left everyone alone. But they don’t. They try to call up your employer and get you fired.

This is the problem with these types of theories: followers are fanatical in their devotion and think that all of us have to think exactly the way they do.

That’s a religion! I’m an atheist.

As a gay kid, I had believers force their shit on me every day of my life, so please, no thank you. I prefer to think for myself and I certainly do not appreciate being shamed into believing what others do.

Where do people get off telling others what they can think and say, and how they can express themselves? No thanks, I don’t want to be a part of any of that. You are free to believe what you want to believe, and I am free to believe what I want to believe.

As Jackie Shane once sang, “You know what my slogan is? Baby, do what you want. Just know what you’re doing. As long as you don’t force your will and your way on anybody else, live your life. Because ain’t nobody sanctified and holy.”

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