To progressives no one is progressive enough. That’s why they eat their own. They will turn on anyone who says or thinks anything outside leftist doctrine.

They cannot see progress anywhere because they are eternally aggrieved. They are unhappy and believe they will find happiness by controlling what others think, say and how they express themselves.

Think about what that says about someone’s character. That they believe happiness will come when they can control others through shame, by embarrassing them, by attempting to get them fired from their jobs, by attacking their friends and their family, simply because they think for themselves, outside woke dogma.

They want conformity and uniformity. To a progressive no one can make a mistake, or be complicated, or complex or nuanced, or human. They demand apologies and refuse to accept them. Why? Because the sinner doesn’t live in their heads, they didn’t give the apology the aggrieved had drafted in his or her mind, and refused to share. But they had no intention of ever accepting it anyway. It’s about humiliating their victims by any means necessary. Which again demonstrates how they’re in fact the morally flawed characters. They are sadists.

When they achieve their objective, when they get what they want, and there is a totalitarian state where everyone is woke and sees the world exactly as they do, I wonder if they will be satisfied. I’m going to state the obvious: they won’t be. But also, they won’t stop, their lives only have purpose by seeing injustice everywhere, not only in the actions of others, but in art, speech and expression.

If your idea of happiness involves controlling what people say, think and do you’re a transparently unhappy person. Everyone sees it. They don’t want to be around you not because of your skin colour, your religion, your sexuality, your gender identity, but because you’re toxic, mean, unkind and dare I say it, negative. No one of substance wants to associate with someone who is so dark.

Think about how the woke treats those they consider to be ‘problematic.’ There is no decency in any of it. It’s malicious, dysfunctional, putrid. If you dare say or write something they don’t agree with they will encourage an online mob to attack you, then they’ll call your employer and put pressure on them to fire you, to destroy your career, your livelihood, your right to provide for your family. They don’t care about you, because you have exercised wrong think. Publishing companies have black lists, names of aspiring writers who don’t subscribe to woke ideology. Why? Because you don’t think how they want you to. Doesn’t this frighten anyone?

You might be asking yourself, “do leftists really want people to lose their jobs, not be able to provide for their families because they do not agree with their tweets?” Yes, and you can find countless examples of lives destroyed because of a simple tweet. Your apology, which they will demand of you, will not be good enough. Their aim is to destroy your life for not thinking, saying or writing what they find appropriate. They are the authority on what is appropriate, and you need to conform.

I caution my readers to be mindful of all of this. I know you’re afraid to speak up about it, you don’t want to complicate your life, I get that. But at least understand that it’s happening and that it needs to end, and those who face the woke malice need support.

The woke religion is not interested in peace. They are not interested in kindness. They believe that to achieve their objective, which they claim is equality, involves the absolute destruction of our current Western society. They want to be the leaders of that new world order, but I certainly do not want sadists having any power over my life, and the lives of those whom I love.

Thanks for reading.

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