Can you have a woke friend?

‘Obsessed by their image [as] upholders of morality, a whole load of people without culture, without experience and without courage are trying to impose their narrow-minded ideas on us. Their sterile, uniform and puerile ideas are seeking to invade humanity.’ ~ Carla Bruni

As the woke religion continues to encroach on and malign every fabric of civilization I fight. Many of the tenets of woke ideology are not only divisive, they are corrosive. It’s a scorched earth sensibility; burn society to the ground and build a more socially conscious world. Their test pilot is North America, the most prosperous and socially progressive society in the world, where they are free to say and express themselves however they choose. The hard won liberal values they want to ensure that no one but them can enjoy.

Notice how they are not using Saudi Arabia as their test pilot, or Iran, or North Korea. In those nations, citizens are still fighting for the freedom of expression, intellectual diversity, the basic rights for women and homosexuals. Too hard for the woke, they need to invent phantom problems at home to find purpose.

The woke’s primary objective is control. These are often entitled, spoiled, cultureless children who have extended their adolescence into middle age. They want to be protected from opinions that are different than theirs, and expect that everyone consider their own personal sensitivities before speaking. It’s narcissism on steroids.

They want to administer what you think, what you say, how you express yourself. They claim that anyone who criticizes their doctrine, anyone who questions their belief system is traumatizing them. Violence is not a physical act anymore, as they exercise physical violence often on those who disagree with their tactics and their belief systems. No, violence is now just that, disagreement. And sometimes, it’s silence. But it’s also questions. Detractors of woke ideology are not only wrong, they are evil, they are the devil, and they need to be stopped. Like a religion anyone who dissents, anyone who attempts to insert reason, logic, complexity, depth into the woke belief system is excommunicated.

Last summer I simply had it with a straight white male friend of mine when he was preaching to me about black lives matter. Of course, allow me to preface that I truly believe that black lives matter, however I have issues with the activist political organization that fueled the flames of a fire that saw the destruction of American cities, properties and businesses last year.

I’m used to hearing apparently woke people preach at me and to tell me what it is I have to think and what it is that I have to say. This has been going on for a long time. They promote conformity and a uniformed way of thinking. They tend to be white, upper-middle class, they lack culture, were afforded affluence and social privilege and have experienced almost no hardships. As a result of this easy life, they have a lot of guilt, or they feel they need to fit in so that their toddlers are invited to birthday parties by their like-minded neighbours. They are focused on self-preservation and advancement for themselves and their immediate family.

They are often Marxists, socialists, who want free tuition, free rent, for everyone. Of course they do, they never had to pay for anything; they had their tuition paid for by mommy and daddy, and their rent, possibly even had a healthy down payment for their first home given to them by a baby boomer grandparent or their very own parents. They never had to work for anything, so why should anyone else have to?

This is why you’ll notice many woke members have an absolute contempt for the working class. They look down on those who work hard for a living, and who pay their way through society by using the benefits of capitalism to their benefit. In a capitalist society if you have drive, ambition, determination, grit, you can achieve anything. It’s an economic system that has brought more people out of poverty than any other economic system in the history of civilization. Yet that’s too inconvenient a truth for the woke to consider as viable. They want to continue with their video games, their adult colouring books, and whatever juvenile, infantile safe space they’ve created for themselves than actually read, or educate themselves. They do not validate or consider any opinions that oppose their own, no matter how well reasoned those opinions are.

Back to my conversation with my friend. When it came to the topic of white privilege I agree, he has a lot of privilege. He was raised wealthy, has liberal, socially open-minded parents, is set to inherit a lot of money when they pass, is good looking, tall and uncomplicated in his way of thinking.

I argued that if he wants to believe that he has privilege due to the colour of his skin, that is fine with me, he is free to think that. But don’t tell me that I have to believe it about myself. I know my life a lot better than anyone else. I’m not about to tolerate anyone who attempts to intimidate or bully me into believing what they think I should believe. As Christopher Hitchens says in the clip below, play with your toys all you want, just don’t tell me that I have to play with them, too.

Again I have to interrupt here to explain the woke mindset on this. They are only happy if you agree with every tenet of their belief structure. They simply can’t fathom the idea that there are those who exercise free will, and who think for themselves. Anyone who asks questions about what they believe, is evil. They must be publicly shamed immediately. There is no decency in it, there is no compassion or empathy. It’s malice, pure and simple. They are sadists who want to ruin the livelihoods of their perceived enemies, and they won’t stop until they have succeeded. It isn’t enough for them to take your job, they want to strip you of any ability to make a living, and find great satisfcation in watching their opponents slip into poverty. These are not kind, decent people we’re talking about here. They are mentally unwell.

Raised by an Italian, Catholic father, who emigrated to Canada in the 1970s my father met my Nova Scotian mother and they were married by 1976. This is all so complicated to lay out here, but my sister was 10 years old when I was born in 1979 and she was not well received by my Italian relatives because it was a reminder that my mother was married previously, something frowned up on by Italian Catholics. My sister, was left homeless at 14, a drug addict by her 20s and in and out of women’s shelters in her 30s and 40s. She has come a long way, is more stable now, but nothing can ever truly heal the lack of love from her mother and step-father. I am proud of her for succeeding despite all the hardships she experienced.

My older brother was brutally treated by my parents, and is a homeless drug addict today. The abuse was so severe that no one, and I mean no one would have survived it. It extended to me and my younger brothers. In fact, no one did survive it completely. Out of the five of us, I am the only one who has managed to live a more normal and routine life. Even that came with a tremendous amount of challenges. It sure did. When you did not receive the unconditional love from the two people who chose to bring you into this world, when you experience sexual, psychological, physical, emotional abuse as a child, it is hard to find the fortitude to heal and be whole. Few are able to do it. That’s why they turn to alcohol, drugs, and homelessness. That’s why they become narcissists, lack self-awareness, or any type of introspection, the pain of those memories is too real to tap into.

My left, woke friend told me that my struggles weren’t that bad, because I was white. I was shocked by how that satement not only dehumanized my experiences and those of my siblings, but how it also dismissed them completely, based on the colour of our skin. Wasn’t he engaging in the same type of racism that he claimed to want to eliminate? I mean, unlike the woke, I believe that you can be racist towards white people, too.

This is the type of callous, disregard and malicious intent woke ideologues, those who claim to be the bastions of compassion, empathy and open-mindedness, have for their detractors. For all their talk about ‘lived experiences’ he certainly did not care about mine. Because I had the wrong skin colour. When someone tells you that they were sexually molested as a kid and you dismiss that as not being so bad because they’re white, I’m sorry, but you’re not a friend. You should have your head examined. He was blinded by the woke religion, a true believer.

When I hear the woke talk about white supremacy, white fragility, white privilege I hear sound bites, carefully orchestrated political key messages, rhetoric, but certainly I do not hear substance, intelligence, thoughtfulness or mindfulness. I see bullying, intimidation, the thought police, online mobs. To say that all white people are privileged is an extraordinary claim to make. To prove it is impossible. It’s a generalization for sure, which can be rooted in some truth, but it isn’t entirely true of everyone. In the end such a claim does nothing but divide, dismiss, dehumanize and degrade.

The woke will say that they don’t care about my ‘white tears.’ Another dismissal. That’s the contradictory, hypocritical nature of their belief system. They claim to care about equality and justice, unless you’re part of a group that they have deemed subhuman. For them, that’s white people. Just like the Christian church dehumanized and ostracized homosexuals, the woke religion has found their enemy, something that helps propel their cause further, an enemy to root out, and for them, that is often white heterosexual men. White supremacy that extends to anyone who dares to challenge them. The irony with my friend is that he is a white heterosexual man.

But that’s the crux with a lot of woke members. They are the very thing they claim to hate, but they’re not interested in giving up any of the comforts that they appreciate. That’s why they have to go after others, point their finger elsewhere.

The woke believe they are morally pure, and morally superior. It’s how they’ve convinced themselves that anyone who challenges them is morally impure, immoral. It’s simple-minded, but they’re bullies. Think about that. Have you ever met a happy bully? It’s wise to stop letting them intimidate the vast majority of us.

I return to the question posed in the title of my post. Can you have a woke friend? Sadly, no. Because they don’t know how to be a friend, they don’t know how to be kind and respectful. They see the world through a narrow prism and want to enforce their idea of normal on everyone else. That isn’t what a good friend does.

I leave with this: if you’re a woke member believe what you want, and let others believe what they want. Live and let live. Work on your own happiness. Find culture, a purpose that involves the celebration of intellectual, racial, religious diversity. You’ll never be happy if it involves forcing others to believe what you believe, to think how you think, to say what you say; that’s a recipe for a really unhappy life. If you find yourself yelling at someone for challenging you – stop and listen. If they’re making you question some of what you believe, to make you a more open-minded and kind person, listen to them.

2 thoughts on “Can you have a woke friend?

  1. “you’ll notice many woke members have an absolute contempt for the working class.”

    Orwell detected the same among the socialists he lambasted in ‘The Road to Wigan Pier.’


    “[The woke] are only happy if you agree with every tenet of their belief structure.”

    Cuz it’s the dogma of their quasi-religion, from which you may not stray one iota.


    “The woke believe they are morally pure, and morally superior.”

    Like the Gnostics, they divide humanity into the perfected Pneumatikoi (themselves), the second-class Psychikoi still struggling to be ‘antiracist’, etc., and the irredeemable Hylikoi, (a.k.a., Deplorables.)

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