Guide your own life

Some people over the years have told me that I reveal too much on social media. For instance, when I was roofied a couple of years ago the first thing I did was write about it on social media. My emotions sometimes run wild, and I don’t really feel any shame in that. But at the time, people told me that I should keep such a thing to myself. Or I’ve heard that they shouldn’t have to read that.

Well, don’t. I’m not forcing anyone to read anything. I like to break down barriers. I don’t have a lot of respect for the boundaries that society places on us, or that others want to place on me.

Here’s the thing: we’re all going to die! Eventually no one will be alive to remember us. So who the fuck cares what I post, when I post, how often I post? I don’t fully understand why that’s an issue. If I reveal too much, I have to tell you, I don’t care. I don’t compare myself to you, I don’t want to be you, I don’t want to know what it’s like to be you.

So when people attempt to passive aggressively judge me based on my social media posts, though it makes me defensive and often angers me, it’s not because the attempt to shame me has worked. It’s because they have attempted to shame me and believe that somehow I have to think of them personally before I share personal anecdotes online. You can’t get through to people like that. They take their lives too seriously and restrict and limit themselves often, which has to be a burden. The only way they can justify this, is by attempting to shame people into behaving like them. To that I say, fuck you. Ha!

You willl achieve freedom when you stop allowing people to shame you. When you stop comparing yourself to others. When you stop letting other people’s opinions guide your life. Guide your own life. Create your own path.

Too many people I know are so afraid of what other people think of them that they construct a life, or make decisions, with the purpose of appearing a certain way. Cultivating an image that isn’t authentic, but designed to appease their neighbours, those who hold to a notion of normal. Your idea of normal, is not my idea of normal. In fact, I don’t believe there is such a thing.

People truly do imprison themselves into a life of limitations and restrictions. Which is fine. I happen to see through this image they are attempting to project. But it’s their choice. Do it. Whatever makes you happy, though I have to say, I don’t think those people are happy.

Acquring materials, hyper-consumerism is a symptom of an unhappy person. One can’t be happy when they have attachments to inanimate objects. It’s an individual choice to be provincially minded. What I don’t like is when these individuals attempt to shame or embarrass others into restricting and limiting themselves too, for the purpose of justifying their life’s choices and their narrow worldview. Only unhappy people do this.

As long as you’re not affecting my life, as long as you’re not attempting to limit and restrict what I can say, how I can express myself, what I can do, then we’re fine.

Myopic people unfortunately attempt to do this all the time, and I observe it too often. Especially in Canada. I urge these individuals to focus on themselves, clean your own houses, before you shame others into being who you think they should be.

It’s quite an arrogant and narcissistic approach, and from where I stand, I don’t envy them. I actually feel sorry that they’ve chained themselves into a life of conformity and uniformity.

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