Gay liberation has been achieved

For many social progressives the title of this blog post is controversial because many in the LGBTQ+ community, expecially activists, need to convince the public that their rights are on the precipice of being stripped away from them. And if they’re not, well, there is tremendous disadvantages to being queer in even the most progressive of places like Canada. So much so they fear for their safety.

As I often do I was sitting at a bar on Tuesday and engaged in coversation with a ‘progressive liberal’ who is a manager at one of the bars along Toronto’s gay village. I used to get frustrated talking about social issues with these types of gays but because their arguments are so similar and static I no longer become agitated.

I listen and will sometimes interject with an argument they haven’t considered. He was of course, defending Islam by arguing that Western societies have a lot of social progress to make themselves. This subject arose over the news of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. He said this when I commented on the lack of of opportunties for women, gays, trans people in Islamic regions, not to mention the hostility those of religious and racial minorities face, this is putting it mildly.

I could tell in his mind he wanted to fall back on the Islamophobia tactic, but for some reason, reconsidered. I compared Islamic countries to Western ones, namely America, Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe, most South American countries, etc. where social progress has been achieved at unprecedented levels both in those countries and anywhere else. I used the example of gay rights and stressed the tangible evidence to prove their objectives have been achieved in most Western countries by comparing life as a gay person in Toronto in 1981 (gay activists love to bring up the 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids as evidence that COPS are still homophobic) with the progress that gays currently enjoy in 2021. I asked him to provide this evidence in any Islamic country now. Unsurprisingly he couldn’t.

I added that then it is impossible to make the argument that the position minorities in Western countries find themselves is equal to those same minorities in Islamic countries. He of course, was silent. I don’t do this to be an a-hole. I do it because most gay men in Toronto, for instance, are under some strange illusion or delusion that their positions in life are equal to the positions of gays in less socially progressive countries and it blinds them from seeing progress.

The truth is that he is a protected citizen because of his sexuality. Where in Iran, if you’re even suspected of being gay, you are killed. It floors me that many so-called social-progressives in Canada cannot acknowledge this. In fact they outwardly and angrily refuse to because claiming victim status brings them some sort of purpose and/or social status amongst their peers and their ideological brothers and sisters.

What they refuse to acknowledge is that no one cares about their sexuality anymore and for reasons I stated this bothers them so they have to convince others they’re oppressed. The truth is that they enjoy equal rights and in some cases, protected status because of their sexuality.

But to acknowledge that would mean they’d have to search for another cause to demonstrate their moral purity. My friend Kevan, who also happens to be gay, wrote to me: “Gays like a lot of other groups are encouraged to view themselves as “oppressed” because it puts them at war with fellow citizens, who in that scenario become “oppressors.” That’s the end result of conflict theory being fed to various groups.”

True enough.

I am not sure why leftists cannot acknowledge the tremendous progress that has been made in Western societies. And how they can’t acknowledge what a good thing this is. They’re caught up in being victims, this provides them with some satisfaction, with a life’s purpose, that to strip it away from them with facts lays bare their complete lack of identity.

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