Biological sex is transphobic

I am wary of trans activism. I truly am. Let me be clear: I am not wary of trans people. I am sick of the activists who are attempting to run our society into the ground.

These are a group of narcissists who want us all to live in a perpetual state of delusion.

Biological sex is real. We are not assigned sex at birth, we are either born with a penis which denotes male or a vagina which denotes female. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings are about this, it doesn’t matter how you want to personally identify; objective truth is real.

When you grow up, and you’re arguably wise enough, you can identify as whomever you want. Go ahead, not a problem. I will respect your preferred pronouns. But I have eyes, ears, senses that tell me the woman standing in front of me was born male. My senses are not bigoted.

What trans activism wants to do is dismantle our language, make it so that words like male and female are worthless and meaningless, all for their own narcissistic purposes.

It is now considered ‘transphobic’ to use the word woman to describe biological women, because it excludes trans men who menstruate and give birth. Accurately identifying people who menstruate and give birth as women is transphobic. Even using the term biologically female is transphobic. This is madness.

Listen, if tomorrow I decided that I was a woman, changed my pronouns, got a wig, had breast implants, it wouldn’t make me a biological woman.

I wouldn’t have the same experiences as biological women. I wouldn’t know what it meant or how it felt like to interact in and with the world as a woman, a young girl, etc. I wouldn’t know what it meant to menstruate. I wouldn’t know what it meant to develop breasts. These are real tangible biological elements that make a young girl a woman. It doesn’t matter how I choose to identify, I couldn’t relate to these very female experiences.

The argument often turns to, well, I feel I’m a man. Or I feel I’m a woman. And that’s great, I will meet you half way and respect your preferred pronouns, and how you want to see yourself. You just can’t force everyone to see you that way, just as I can’t get everyone to see me as man with hair.

If I identified as a woman, I still wouldn’t know what any of that meant and I couldn’t get angry at people for knowing this. For verbalizing it.

But what trans activism wants to do is make us all as deluded. They want us to lie to ourselves, all for their own personal feelings.

They don’t want their feelings hurt, so they will intimidate you, bully you, they will attempt to destroy your livelihood so that you adopt their own personal worldview. That’s demented.

As they attempt to take down Dave Chappelle, as they attempt to ruin Margaret Atwood, they will stop at nothing until everyone sees the world the way they want you to.

Many I know on Twitter have accurately identified some of this as struggle sessions: less talented people attempting to bully their way into publishing, or stand-up, the arts, culture, by taking down established figures. They want to make room for themselves.

They don’t care if you’re a second wave feminist who paved the way for all women, they don’t care. You’re guilty of not seeing the world like them.

This is why people are petrified to speak up. This is why people are so afraid of losing their jobs. They’ve become very good at bullying political and corporate leaders into playing ball.

So much of these conversations are happening in elite, university educated urban circles. As universities are now being overrun with woke ideology, fewer parents in rural settings are choosing to send their kids to higher learning. I don’t blame them.

The result is greater polarization in Western countries, and the left’s tone-deaf astonishment, especially in the United States, that anyone would vote for a Republican candidate.

People with densely rich immigrant populations like where I grew up, aren’t buying what the left is selling not because they are hateful trash, but because it doesn’t reflect their culture nor their reality.

What trans activism wants to do is scare everyone from speaking their own truth. All that matters is the truth they want you to believe.

You’re now a bigot for speaking that horrible truth: biological sex is a scientific fact.

How the hell have we let this happen?

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