Why are Canadians American haters?

Often when I’m out and about I observe a lot of anti-American sentiment expressed by Canadians. It’s almost unhinged. I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life, luckily I am well travelled, and though I can appreciate a lot about what Canada offers, I also am aware of many of its faults.

Canadians, are culture-less. They also tend to be passion-less. There’s an obsession with being ‘normal’ which I have never fully understood. But that’s not all.

  1. Puritanical. Canadians are puritans, especially when it comes to the idea of sex and nudity. There is a belief in this country that modesty reins supreme, and any overt depictions of sex or nudity are to be shunned and shamed. Sex is often laughed at, and there’s little room for serious conversation on this topic. There’s this belief that if they personally could not do something out of modesty, then no one should be able to. If that person does, Canadians are the first to ridicule and to make fun of this person for having the audacity to step outside the orthodoxy.
  2. Emotion-less. Not only that, but passion-less, completely incapable of demonstrating shameless emotion because there is a fear of what other people will think. I truly believe this comes from our Anglo-Saxon heritage.
  3. Culture-less. There isn’t a lot of culture here, unless of course you were born into an immigrant family. A lot of the culture here revolves around alcohol. For all their anti-American sentiments, Canadians receive a lot of their entertainment from Americans. Music, television, movies, literature, you name it, the majority of what they consume comes from American ingenuity and this is a fact they don’t want to address. The phones they use to read what I’m writing was derived from Americans.
  4. An obsession with being ‘cool’. Canadians, especially Torontonians, believe they’re the authority on what it means to be cool, but from my end, they’re the most uncool people on the planet. They are obsessed with how others view them, on their own image, on being judged for standing out, so they don’t. To openly ‘care’ about anything is considered uncool. None of these people I want to emulate.
  5. Normal. Most Canadians have a personal view on what is appropriate and what is normal and to justify their world view, the decisions they’ve made for themselves, they attempt to shame others into conforming into a uniform way of being. Anyone who thinks outside of this view is considered abnormal, must be gossiped about and must be dismissed.
  6. Leftists. Most Canadians are leftists, this is not to be confused with being liberal. They truly believe that Canada, a country of enormous social progress, is a haven for racists, homophobes, transphobes, white supremacists, etc. And yes, though our history isn’t pure, no country’s past is, we have made tremendous social progress unlike most countries in the world. Canadians would be incapable of living anywhere else if they were to leave.
  7. A lack of vanity and cleanliness. In comparison to my Italian, Argentine, and Spanish friends, Canadians haven’t a clue on how to dress, groom, or how to clean. Maybe I’m talking more about WASPs here. Though I don’t think excessive vanity is desirable, a little does go a long way. Canadians seem to love stuff, acquiring shit they don’t need and storing the crap they buy. It’s always hard for me to visit someone else’s home, because I can’t stand their lack of cleanliness. I was raised by an Italian father who believed that cleanliness was next to Godliness, and a mother who took pride in her home. These are hard qualities to find in Canadians, though it is possible.
  8. Gossip. Canadians love to gossip and to ostracize people who are different. There’s no room for critical thinking or to think for oneself. You cannot have differing political views, because most Canadians feel they have reached moral purity and that their views are morally superior, especially as they relate to Americans and conservatives.
  9. Canadians love to talk about themselves. One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is that if you want to ingratiate yourself upon a person, listen. Canadians love to talk about themselves, and their mediocre accomplishments, which they embellish. They also don’t seem to really care about anyone else, especially if they’ve achieved success in a field. They are threatened by this. A lot of my single girlfriends have expressed this as an issue on their dates. Often the man just talks about himself and demonstrates no interest in the woman sitting across from him.
  10. Addiction. There is a lot of addiction in this country. Alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, you name it you can find it. Canadians tend to lack motivation and ambition because they enjoy a degree of comfort so don’t want to push themselves for fear of losing that comfort.

I could go on, but I think I will stop there. When I’m out and I hear anti-American comments by Canadians, I do challenge them.

They usually think you’re going to agree with them, because Canadians have convinced themselves that their identity is about being better than Americans, being more moral, sound, reasonable, logical, etc. Nothing is further from the truth.

Although, for example racism isn’t as overt in Canada as it is in America, it is covert, which if you ask me, is a hell of a lot more dangerous.

But I digress by saying that. Both countries have a lot to be proud of. They are great democracies, that provide opportunities to people who are hard working enough to make something out of their lives.

That’s why so many people want to move here.

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