Liberal but not left

I moved away from the left when I recognized how smug, condescending and patronizing the people were in the circles I associated with.

They truly believed, and still do, that they’re superior to their detractors and above criticism. It was repugnant to me.

It wasn’t only that though. For people so certain of their moral superiority they demonstrated a significant lack of knowledge. To their detractors they say: educate yourself.

The irony in this is that leftists are embarrassingly uneducated.

They only read articles that align with their beliefs, ignoring any challenge to their views and labelling criticism as evil. Because they believe they have reached the correct opinion on almost every social issue, they do not believe they have anything else to learn.

What I also realized was they are poor readers, in the sense that their comprehension skills are limited.

Because they only socialize with those who share their belief systems they are hostile to anyone outside of their orthodoxy.

I simply didn’t want to be a part of them anymore, and decided I was happier on a life raft on my own.

It’s best not to follow a crowd on their way to antiquity.

3 thoughts on “Liberal but not left

  1. They’re also incapable of presenting a rationale apology for their beliefs, as they’re used to only rote repetition of affirmations among the like-minded.

    1. They’re obsessed with their do-gooder image and have convinced themselves they are morally superior and have nothing else to learn. They look down on anyone who dares challenge them. They’re not interested in learning, or actual empathy, merely only with their image as a person who champions the underdog, which they don’t in fact do.

  2. “… leftists are embarrassingly uneducated.”

    Arrogance + ignorance = hubris.

    Here in California, future sales of all two-stroke engines were just banned. A bill sponsored by a suburban assemblyman who patted himself on the back for simultaneously ending the nuisance of leaf-blowers while combatting climate change.

    With a stroke of a pen, he forbade the chain saws and log splitter I use to heat my home. Made illegal the backup generator I need when clouds cut my solar. (Did I mention I have an extremely low ‘carbon footprint’? ) The generators tens of thousands of rural Californians need, whenever power is frequently shut off to reduce the risk of uninsulated power lines falling and starting wildfires. I doubt he’s ever had to throw out hundreds of dollars of food gone bad.

    They earmarked $350K to help landscapers, et al., replace their equipment, which can cost a grand or two or ten, with electric. Ignorant that electric equipment, though useful — I use an electric chainsaw as well for little stuff — are not up to the task. Oblivious to the fact that less than a third of CA’s electricity comes from renewable sources. Denying that most of the electric replacements will come from China, the greatest by far contributor to global warming.

    I seriously hate these fools at this point.

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