Read well

Too many people I encounter do the bidding of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc., parroting the sound bites they hear on these news outlets.

It’s shocking, still, to me, how ignorant people are. How they only read a headline, they don’t read the content.

They only read what aligns with their beliefs, they don’t consider another view, or perspective. They speak in sound bites, it’s how they receive their news. It’s absurd.

They label any dissent, any criticism to their chosen ideology as evil, not worthy of any consideration. They don’t know how to read, to critically think about anything.

Consider liberal-left trans activism, as an example. It is now bigoted in these circles to defend biological sex. That’s not transphobic. It’s not, it’s science.

We are born with XY or XX chromosomes. That’s it! Trans women are not biological women. This is not hateful, this is truth.

It galls me to no end that the liberal-left believe so strongly in science when it comes to climate change, or COVID, but completely disregard science when it comes to trans activism.

You can believe what you want, to protect your own feelings. I do not have to.

Free speech, as Orwell said, is my right to say what you don’t want to hear.

If more people actually attempted to learn more about what it is they want to believe, what ideology they want to follow, we’d find more peace.

Here’s the thing. You think Ivermectin is a horse tranquilizer because you watched a ‘news’ org like CNN make fun of Joe Rogan for revealing that a doctor prescribed this for him.

You parrot CNN’s complete contempt for Joe Rogan. Why? What does that say about you? Why not do some research on your own? Why not just try and get to the truth? Why label anything a conspiracy theory when all you have to do is talk to people who have taken this drug to treat COVID symptoms?

It’s this smug, dismissive, condescending attitude by leftists that are driving so many traditional liberals to the right, and they don’t get it. They won’t look at how their actions are creating deep crevices.

They’ve convinced themselves they have all the correct views, and any puncture to these views, is violence.

If you read The Toronto Star, know that it leans left, so maybe, just maybe consider reading The National Post, which leans a little right. Read The Globe and Mail which is more neutral. Don’t just read opinions.

CNN, and FOX tell their viewers what to think. That isn’t news. It’s opinion. News isn’t editorialized in that way. It’s fact.

To make their point, the news shouldn’t engage in publicly shaming podcasters. What is their agenda in doing this?!

We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves, especially if we’re going to go out and vilify those who think for themselves, or those who are more critical thinkers, or those who are more informed than you are.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “Read well

  1. If you want to argue with leftists, you need to understand their arguments, which you clearly don’t when it comes to trans people. They argue that sex and gender are two different things. They don’t deny the existence of chromosomes. You are straw-manning.
    Also, who cares if trans women are “real” scientifically-verifiable women or not? There’s no reason to bring it up if unless you have a problem with trans people (aka bigotry). Just use the pronouns they prefer and treat them with respect.
    Sincerely: A Republican sick of watching people use lazy arguments and sneak hatred into conservative rhetoric.

    1. There is a sub-group of trans activists who in fact deny biological sex and say that sex is something you are assigned with at birth, and that it’s a social construct. I’ve met these individuals and had conversations with them.

      Also, sex and gender are not two different things. They are strongly aligned for 99% of the population.

      I don’t care if someone identifies as a woman or a man when their biological sex contradicts their identity. What I contest is being told that I have to delude my own senses to protect their feelings. When the public is being told to dismiss their eyes and ears in favour of someone’s identity, I have an issue with that.

      However, in all cases, I will show proper respect to a trans person and use their preferred pronouns, as long as they understand that for 99% of the population, they/them, zir/zer pronouns make little sense.

      I’m not asking anyone to adhere to my world view, or to cater to my preferred identity.

      You can label this hate, or rhetoric, all you want, it doesn’t make it so. These words and labels are now thrown around to intimidate people into silence, rather than having a more robust conversation.

      Also, I don’t care about your political identification either. I’m Canadian, so whether you’re a GOP or Dem makes no difference to me.

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