People are in fact good at heart

There’s an argument among liberals that the media doesn’t have a liberal bias.

This makes me laugh. I used to believe that too, until the day came when I started to look at the evidence.

If you’re looking towards the United States for instance all major news outlets on television with the exception of one are left-leaning. NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, even the public broadcaster PBS can’t resist the urge to bend left.

In Canada, all major news outlets have a liberal bias, including our publicly funded broadcaster, the CBC.

In Hollywood, it’s challenging to be a conservative, or a Republican, and if you are, you must remain quiet about it, like a Christian.

To be successful you have to concoct a victim narrative. You went through an obstacle and overcame it to become successful. Usually that involves overcoming racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, etc.

I watch CBC News Network every day because it is my preferred choice, but even I have to admit that they’re an arm of the Trudeau government. This is somewhat understandable considering the conservative party threatens to defund them.

I say this all the time, but there is some belief in our culture that liberals are morally superior than their conservative peers who tend to be more traditional.

Listen, it was conservatives throughout history who kind of held minorities back, so I understand where this line of thinking comes from. When gay marriage was legalized in 2006, it was Stephen Harper’s conservative government that tried to block its passing.

Did hell freeze over when gays could finally marry? Nope.

Gays still remember that, and they’re hesitant to vote conservative because they remember it was the conservatives who were blocking their right to equality.

But then I think, hold on a second, the bathhouse raids of the 1980s occurred under a liberal government. Where’s the gays memory and anger at the liberals over that?

I do think that conservative voices are important, and that there is some value in tradition.

For me, there is a separation between liberalism and leftism. Leftists are not looking for equality. They are looking to dismantle our way of life.

For them, we are a cesspool of a nation, responsible for untold tragedies. We are a racist, homophobic, transphobic nation, and all of our institutions are systemically bigoted and designed to hurt minorities.

I can’t pretend that there isn’t historical evidence in Canada for racism. What we did to First Nations population is deplorable. But I didn’t personally do it, nor would I have supported it had I known about the truth.

Should I be held responsible for the sins of my ancestors!? Should all of us be? If you go back far enough you’ll find some atrocity in everyone’s lineage.

As a gay man, I know first-hand about discrimination. Gays were treated terribly in this country, forced to live their lives in a closet, and they were often beaten, arrested and killed for living openly. Is that what’s happening now, though? No.

What people fail to understand is that no economic or social system is perfect. Human beings are flawed, and make mistakes and have prejudices based on stupid reasons. But in a capitalistic, democratic society like ours (no, we are not a socialist country), we progress. And that’s what’s happened.

Our systems are such that through discussion, activism and due process, we socially advance. You can’t ignore that, at all. What leftists do is, they take an anecdote, one or two incidences of cruelty and paint the whole country as cruel.

Last year during the whole BLM taking the streets and torching cities in the name of social progress, I looked up the statistics on police cruelty towards unarmed black men and women. This seemed like something no one, including the media was doing. But the stats were easy to find.

The FBI keeps them, so does the Bureau of Justice. In the past decade less than 200 unarmed black people were murdered by police. The reasons they were killed were not given.

Less than 200. Out of a country of 330 million. That’s less than 0.00001% of the population. It’s microscopic.

Of course that’s one too many killings, but it’s not the epidemic that activists and the media were presenting.

This is good news. You would think the left would be happy to hear it? Oh no, because an inconvenient truth is that progressives cannot see progress anywhere. To do so would mean they’d lose a piece of their identity.

I took to social media to present my findings, and well, let’s just say, I was met with a lot of hate. My cell was pretty busy that day. I was so upset I couldn’t sleep.

The left is very skilled at bullying and intimidating critics into silence, it is why so many people like myself refuse to speak publicly about how they truly feel about these social issues.

Ultimately what I’m saying, and my like-minded peers are saying is, we’re pretty good. People aren’t so bad.

That’s a positive message. The left doesn’t want to hear it.

This is what I’m talking about when I say that we are addicted to a victim narrative, even in the face of contradictory evidence.

It’s almost like the left’s identity is aligned with a do-gooder image. They want to be seen as being champions for the underdog.

But, not all minorities think of themselves as underdogs. The left doesn’t want to hear this.

They’re malicious to any minority who doesn’t subscribe to group think.

Look at how they treat black conservatives. Look at how they treat biological women who defend the right to have female-only spaces.

This is how they view you, and you must view yourself that way. How come they don’t see how biased and prejudiced that is!?

Anyone who challenges the left’s victim narrative are labeled bigots, racists, internalized homophobes — a whole load of nonsense. These words are now just used to intimidate critics into submission, into silence. They’re so overused now that they mean nothing.

The left won’t give it up though, they won’t acknowledge actual social progress Western nations have made. To do so would mean they’d have no passions, no one to wag their fingers at.

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