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Mental Health Fundamentalism

Mental health fundamentalism has infected our affluent and comfortable Western societies. A generation incapable of coping with life’s minor inconveniences.

Apparently the wealthiest and most socially progressive societies are dystopias.

For younger generations, Western nations are havens for evil, hotbeds of discrimination and intolerance.

With these generations, there’s a dearth of courage, conviction, perseverance, strength that’s alarming to our future success; to our comfortable and progressive lives.

I was thinking about this during Remembrance Day. Boys from the first world war never complained, never whined, never indulged in self-pity, certainly if they did, they didn’t vocalize it. They came back and got on with it, refused to call themselves heroes because to them the heroes were the dead.

I have always noticed how little personal responsibility people take for the misery of their own lives, but Jesus Christ, it’s a full on epidemic now.

Kids are not able to take constructive criticism, believing it to be a personal attack.

Now everyone is ‘traumatized’, everyone is a victim, everyone can cite some grievance as an excuse to get out of being an adult.

They marinate in resentment and are vengeful to those who have succeeded in the face of obstacles.

University students escape to safe rooms to protect themselves from opinions they don’t like. They offer trigger warnings before ‘controversial’ lectures, as though the mere mention of life’s difficult subject matter is worse than experiencing it.

Swaths of youth blame their failures on a ‘system’ that is out to get them, believe they should be excused from consequences to their actions, like repaying credit card debt they acquired by buying crap they didn’t need.

How would these kids handle a world war? How would they handle life in the Middle East, or North Korea, or China, where they cannot exercise freedom of thought, speech and expression?

How would they cope if a real problem emerged? Would they commit suicide? Would they hide for cover?

Where the hell did all the adults go?

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