Where are the adults?

We live in a culture that believes thinking is too much work! Critical analysis of anything is considered ‘negative’.

Think about the society we inhabit now. People literally have MacDonald’s delivered to their doorstep. I know of too many people who upon waking in the morning smoke a joint as their first task of the day.

Thinking is too hard, best to disengage.

Remember a few years ago when there was this huge emphasis on “positivity” which was basically just deluding yourself? Criticism of any kind was considered “negative” if you recall. Doesn’t matter that countless studies indicate that so-called “negative” people are in fact happier, because they see the world as it is, not as they want it to be. In essence, they live in reality.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about how adolescence is being extended well into middle-age. I see it all around me, at every turn. Most people I meet find basic life-skills too strenuous. Make my own breakfast, lunch and dinner!? That’s too hard and time-consuming, I’d rather sit on my butt and watch Netflix all day and have food delivered to me. Or worse, they play video games. I can’t tell you how many middle-aged men with children I know who spend hours playing video games.

Walk anywhere? Why, when I have a car!

Adult colouring books are a thing! You’re an adult! Why are you colouring? Be an adult, buy some canvas and paint if you want to relax.

Safe spaces are everywhere on university campuses now where students can escape when confronted by opinions they don’t like!

Trigger warnings begin television shows now to warn people that something in the episode will probably disturb them! As though no one is an adult, and no one can handle or cope with feelings that make them uncomfortable.

The weakening of our society is everywhere, and it’s not leading anywhere good. People need to pay more attention but again, that’s too much work. It’s hard, guys!

Back in my day you graduated, found a career and went to work. Now people are in school well into their 30s and floundering, incapable of making adult decisions, believing that they’re going to live forever and that old age is something that happens to other people.

The lack of curiosity from these people is insane. They only talk about themselves, are only interested in themselves, and believe that people should care about their minor achievements that aren’t even achievements. They believe that any constructive criticism is a personal attack.

When I’m on the subway I like to sit and observe those around me. The majority are on their phones, playing games, none are reading. It’s rare to find an adult with a book or a newspaper in hand.

What that does to a person’s mind, that numbing of a piece of you that is meant for so much more is frightening to me. If you’re always looking to escape the realities of the world through distraction like this, and make a choice not to use your brain in a manner that will challenge it, expand it and nurture it, well, you’re fucked.

I’m scared where this is all leading. I believe, based on history, and the prophetic works of George Orwell, that it isn’t anywhere good.

We are in a society with no courage, no conviction, no work-ethic, no curiosity, no desire to grow and to learn and to challenge ourselves. When something comes up that requires any of these qualities, well, I’m afraid there won’t be any adults to lead.

But I guess that’s too negative.

4 thoughts on “Where are the adults?

  1. How do you know people aren’t reading on their phones though? I doubt you’re looking at the screens of every other person on the subway to see if they’re using the kindle app, and if you are, that’s pretty creepy, dude.
    I’m like half with you on this post. Toxic positivity is very annoying. But it’s also annoying to act like you’re intellectually superior to everyone around you.
    And there’s nothing wrong with video games. Video games tell stories and give people a way to flex their problem-solving abilities in a fun way.

    1. It’s very easy to see what people are doing on their phones when they are sitting right next to you, or you’re standing over them.

      I don’t feel intellectually superior to anyone, but I do notice a lot of juvenile behaviour from middle-aged people. Do I feel I can relate? No, I do not. That’s the point.

      1. I appreciate a person that can call out the blatant mass infantilism of adults in this age. Well written. It’s a horrible dystopian future if you so choose to live your Mind in it.

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