Happy 2022

Ontario is back in lockdown. All gyms and indoor dining are to cease tomorrow and this is expected to last for the next three weeks.

It does make me wonder why I was vaccinated considering that I got the jab with the impression this wouldn’t happen again. But oh well.

Despite this little glitch starting 2022, I am positive that we will all see a return to normal this year.

Personally I am grateful that everyone around me, including myself, are healthy and able. When I reflect on all the people we lost during COVID, it’s best to take comfort in what I have, and what I could have lost.

I want to do more outdoor activities this year, I already have gone skating a few times last week, and I hope to go skiing soon. I would like to continue on my fitness regiment and be stronger for the summer, but with gyms closed right now, I’m not sure how I’ll make this happen. But we will see.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my blog and thank you to everyone who is entertained by what I write. I do review some of my posts from time to time and notice some silly mistakes, but I don’t have an editor, so there’s that!

Happy New Year everyone.

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