Joe Rogan

I’m not here to weigh in on the Joe Rogan fiasco, or on any particular story of someone who has been subject to the woke madness.

I want to focus on the type of person who attempts to hurt someone for their past and current mistakes.

What I find unimaginable are people with so much time on their hands that they scroll through celebrity social media pages to find something questionable in an effort to get them in ‘trouble’. Trouble for these imbeciles means ruining a celebrity completely. It indicates just how juvenile and infantilized they are.

You have to be a special kind of monster to want to destroy someone in this fashion.

What I find even more unimaginable is the media and the rest of the mob who take the bait and put pressure on companies to fire a celebrity because of past social media messages. What kind of person relishes in the humiliation of someone like that?

That’s the real question in all this.

That these people have that much time on their hands, that little a life, that shit of an occupation as to do such a thing is absurd to me, always has been and always will be.

If you’re a person who wants to ruin someone for being different than you, you’re a pretty shite person.

But I suspect you already know how small your life is, and what a shitty person you are.

My message to anyone, celebrity or otherwise, who is at the receiving end of the woke mob madness is this: Never apologize. They have no intention of accepting that apology. They have no intention of forgiving you. They’ve had their sights on you for quite some time because you have committed the greatest sin of all by not adhering to their ideology. The punishment for this crime is utter destruction. It’s no different than what Scientologists do to apostates.

They want to end you. They want to take away your job. Your reputation. They want to destroy not only you, but your family. They want it so that you’re never allowed to put food on your family’s table ever again.

These are unhappy, miserable people who think the only way to find happiness is to bully and intimidate everyone into thinking the way they do. Because they feel they’ve reached moral purity. They believe they are morally superior and they have nothing left to learn.

Don’t give them an ounce of your time.

People make mistakes. The only mistake for me that requires no forgiveness is murder, pedophilias and animal abuse. The rest, for me, is forgivable.

Let’s get back to intellectual diversity. Let’s get back to being truly open minded and free. Express yourself however you please. If you make an error, well, do better next time.

Thanks for letting me preach!

It’s rather scary to me observing how juvenile our culture is becoming. There are too many people who think that Big Brother needs to protect them from speech they don’t like, rather than, I don’t know, dealing with it on their own.

Being alive means you run the risk of being offended. When I hear someone say that people should be careful about what they say I reply with, “And you should be careful with how you react to thoughts and speech you don’t like.”

It’s not appropriate for adults to be outraged and hysterical at ideas they find questionable.

2 thoughts on “Joe Rogan

  1. I mostly agree with this post. But the “never apologize” part, I see differently. Stephen Crowder had a similar take on the Joe Rogan situation. He says don’t apologize because they see it as weakness. I think it comes down to what you view as the purpose of an apology. I view it as an end in and of itself. I apologize when I’m wrong. Not for forgiveness. Not to get people to leave me alone. But because it’s always the right thing to do to admit that you’re wrong, when you truly believe you were wrong. You do it for your own inner peace and growth. You don’t do it to appease other people. Apologies to appease other people are meaningless. You apologize when integrity is important to you and you see the value in acknowledging that your wrongdoings.

    1. I agree with you and good point! But I also can’t help but agree with Crowder. You’re right that apologizing for mistakes is a sign of a person with integrity. But it’s different with the woke crowd. They demand you apologize with no intention of accepting it. The apology will never be sincere enough for them, or it will not have included all the bits of information they wanted you to say, as though you have to read their minds. So in the end, they use the apology against you. But in general I do agree with your comment.

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