I am an Apostate

I started moving away from the left around 2013 but it picked up steam in the last five years when Trump was elected president.

Now, keep in mind that I’m a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter. I know that revelation of mine will bring gasps and some of you will want to unfollow me forever! I get it, truly I do. After November 2016 I had to dig deep and research widely why she lost an election everyone thought she had in the bag.

The truth is the left no longer represents liberalism and too many Americans were seeing their livelihoods destroyed by Democrats who were too smug to recognize how they were alienating voters.

Their campaign stump speeches didn’t reflect reality. The 1 in 4 rape stat, kangaroo university courts were ruining young men’s lives, the 79 cents on the dollar lie, the bleak view that all white men are racists and rapists. Well, white men aren’t going to vote for you if you’re telling them they’re the problems we need to be rid of.

What really sealed the deal for me was when I was out for dinner with friends the night that 12 Charlie Hebdo satirical cartoonists were killed by Islamic extremists and another 11 were severely injured. I was appalled that three of my friends were defending these murders because they claimed the victims were ‘racists.’

It dawned on me how obsessed with race the left had become and how they couldn’t even identify what racism was anymore. They couldn’t separate an ideology from racism. It galled me, to no end, so much so that I clearly still think about it.

What the left does is label people into silence. They bully and intimidate people into embracing their worldview and it often works. The only thing is I’m a contrarian so that stuff just doesn’t work on me. I don’t follow the path, I question the path. But for a leftist questioning their orthodoxy is bigotry.

It became clear to me the left was now a cult, a religion, so blinded by their dogma, so incapable of critical thought that I couldn’t identify with them anymore. I had to leave. I’m a critical thinker, I can’t just blindly follow a mob.

My eyes opened more when I was finally outside of it because I observed how often the left marinates in victimhood, and I suppose I was too. To thrive they have to convince themselves their views are the holy ones and anyone who doesn’t share them are oppressors.

I am a 42-year-old gay man who is the embodiment of what social progress affords a person like me, which is, to be frank, a pretty spectacular life. But to the left I can’t say that, I have believe that we’ve made no social progress and my rights can be taken away in an instant by Nazi conservatives!

I just didn’t see the world like a leftist anymore. What I see now is brighter, hopeful, and I learned to view people favorably as opposed to the way the left views people and that’s with intolerance and a sort of malice. They can’t even be friends with people who don’t share their ideology, like cult members.

With Trump’s election I saw how vicious and mean-spirited the left had become and how they labeled any dissent as alt-right, and displayed nothing but sheer contempt for any conservative.

The left believes their happiness relies on being able to control what you say, what you think, what you do and how you express yourself. Because they can’t succeed at this they’re in fact really miserable people. Not all, obviously, I’m generalizing clearly. But those are my “lived-experiences”.

I’m hoping the left veers towards liberalism again, soon. I hope they become reasonable again. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

4 thoughts on “I am an Apostate

  1. When I was young, I was active in the Democratic Party, serving as a paid and volunteer staffer on many campaigns. I changed my affiliation to Independent in 2008, following the Party violating both its own and federal election laws to anoint Obama. I still voted mostly Democrat, and as late as 2019 supported Amy Klobuchar. In 2020, I voted straight Republican, as I realized the Democrats had veered dangerously to the far, authoritarian left, and were hell-bent on erasing our freedoms and setting up permanent one-party rule.

    I still consider myself a ‘true’ liberal, and support the GOP only provisionally, so long as they continue to evolve into the ‘part of the people’ I once believed the Democrats were. The Left, however, has clearly become an arrogant, hateful, elitist, dogmatic cult.

    1. I don’t trust any political party anymore. I used to have an idealized view of politicians I liked, but now I know they all sell their integrity for power and access. Voters are their tools to their own personal ambitions.

      1. My disenchantment with politicians came in my early twenties. I was a paid staffer for our US Senate candidate. At a campaign function, he greeted both me and my father, a prominent member of the local Dem Party, warmly and by first name. It took him a few minutes to become bemused by my and my dad’s familiarity in interactions. Finally, the candidate said, ‘do you two know each other?’ (FYI, my dad and I were spitting images of each other.)

        From then on, I realized the only two truly essential requirements to be a politician were a big fake smile and the ability to place names with faces.

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