What is Misinformation?

Two nights ago I attempted to post a story on my Instagram account of Trudeau likening a conservative MP to a Nazi sympathizer but Instagram wouldn’t allow me to. In the past when this happened I’m offered a chance to try again but this time the only option they gave me was to delete it. As a workaround I posted it to my Instagram feed and explained what happened. I don’t normally do this, I like to keep my Instagram politics free, but things in Canada have become so polarized as of late that I couldn’t resist the urge to do so.

A friend commented that the reason I couldn’t post it was because it was misinformation. It wasn’t. The entirety of the video is actually much worse and I was only going to post a small clip of it. She then went on to say rather bluntly that the protesters in Ottawa were Nazis, Fascists, racists, misogynists, etc.

I was speaking to my friend Jeff yesterday who told me that his friend and her family, all of whom are immigrants from India, have joined the protesters because they’ve all lost their jobs as a result of continuous and prolonged lockdowns. Are they white nationalists, too? White supremacists? Are they bigots, too? How compassionate and empathetic are the left to dismiss these people in this fashion? Why are they doing that, and what are their objectives? The feeling of moral superiority? The left’s obsession with likening anyone who dares to think for themselves as bigots is what’s really dangerous. When you dismiss valid concerns a person has by irresponsibly labelling them as hateful racists you can quickly dehumanize them, as well.

I’ve been hearing the word ‘misinformation’ a lot lately and it got me thinking who decides what is misinformation? It seems to me that this is an idea pushed by those on the left to describe news they either don’t want to hear, or they don’t like because it contradicts what they want to believe.

During our exchange on my Instagram page, I commented to my friend that I don’t read what it is I want to believe and she condescendingly replied that it appeared that I do. But then, how did she come to that conclusion? My comments to her were far more informed and open-minded than her’s, as I refused to label all the protesters in Ottawa as fascists and Nazis, because they are not. To make such a claim is irresponsible. Are there a few bad apples up there? Yes, I am always willing to acknowledge that, but simply labeling them as evil-doers distracts from why they are protesting in the first place which is what our public broadcaster, the CBC, seems to want. Isn’t that misinformation?

I get my news by reading widely. I read on average about 6 hours a day. I read publications, blogs and even comments on a variety of subjects from online and print sources from all political spectrums. I don’t particularly believe everything I read, I am critical, but from these articles I begin to gather information to form an opinion or an idea of what I think may be the truth.

But if left-leaning people believe that FOX News is misinformation and CNN is not, well, I don’t know how you can argue with that type of delusion. All of these news outlets are funded by private companies with with their own agendas. The reason CNN has attacked Joe Rogan so ferociously is because he admitted to being treated with Ivermectin for his COVID-19 symptoms when one of their biggest sponsors is Pfizer. Pfizer pays CNN a lot of money to run their commercials on. Which leads me to also wonder when did the left become such fierce proponents of big-pharma?

The CBC here in Canada is funded by the Liberal government, that’s why you find almost no criticism of Trudeau on that platform, in fact, they have championed all of his draconian COVID measures.

The Toronto Star, one of Canada’s most popular legacy newspapers also receives funding from the Trudeau government which is a huge conflict of interest the left seems to ignore.

Big Tech deletes posts that promote misinformation but how are they coming to these conclusions? Also, for them to treat consumers of their products as infants who can’t determine for themselves what is true or not is rather insulting.

But that is the time we find ourselves in. People want to be protected from hard truths and opinions they don’t like. What you end up with are adults incapable of dialogue, civil discussion and basic acts of kindness. As I stated earlier if you simply label dissent as evil, well then, you’re justifying a reason not to listen, and when you don’t listen, you stop learning and seeing others as human beings who happen to have a different view of the world than your own.

I can decide for myself what is misinformation and I do not need a Big Brother to make that decision on my behalf. I’m not always right that’s the same for everyone, but I am right when it comes to treating everyone on the left and the right with a basic level of kindness.

That’s why I refuse to throw around insults with impunity. It does nothing to foster healthy communication, but rather to shame dissent into silence.

I don’t want to live in a uniform world. As a philosophy major I learned to put every idea on the table, review them, and pick up the better ideas, discard the bad ones, and then continue reviewing. But the left seems to want only one idea, one view to be consumed, and it just so happens it’s their morally superior one and they will stoop as low as they can go to win.

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