We have this one life

I love waking up in the morning. There is always so much to explore and to be happy about.

For years I was friends with a lot of really lazy people who couldn’t motivate themselves. I’ve cut those friendships over the years, and I realized that you can’t really influence those with no motivation, and at 42 I focus on my own life and all that makes me happy.

But I do wonder about those individuals I once knew, who do so little with their lives. Are truly happy people sleeping until noon, and watching television everyday?

It’s hard to get through to people like that. They only have one life. I’ve met a lot of really incurious people in my life who aren’t as moved by the simple pleasures in life, or the nature that is so readily available to them to enjoy, as I am. I feel a sort of pity for them, because in those seemingly insignificant moments, there is a lot of happiness and joy.

Almost every morning I wake with a smile. There is so much for me to do! So much available to me to be in awe of. It’s sad to me how so few of those I meet or have known are as equally in awe of the abundance of adventure that is at their finger tips. But enough obsessing about them.

The simple pleasures of going for a long walk and looking up at the architecture, or the clouds, or the rain falling from the sky are marvelous miracles that make a day worth living.

I am currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina but a couple of weekends ago we went skating in the forest at Huntsville, Ontario and it was a glorious experience. Every day during our weekend excursion we would sit at the bar of a pub, or a restaurant and sample the local artisan brews, and I would engage in conversation with the staff. I had never been to Huntsville before, but I will certainly be back in the summer. It was a wonderful experience that warmed my heart, and I felt so comfortable and secure.

These are the tiny things that make life worth living. And that make me tremendously happy. I am turning 43 on April 30 and I hope I have many more health years ahead of me. All I want is to be alive and happy and to live life to its fullest.

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