Today in Ontario, Canada mask mandates will be lifted for the first time since August 2020. You know who isn’t happy about this? Women. Mostly white, middle-aged, affluent women.

Of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook reading many tweets by ‘mommies of the year’ who want you all to continue wearing masks because they will. And of course, if they’re going to keep doing it, you have to as well.

I have no issues with people wanting to keep wearing masks, but I am personally not going to continue wearing them. I am happy about this latest development even as the mainstream media continues to groom their readers and viewers that we’ll have to wear them again at some point down the line.

I’m not sure I ever appreciated how ethnocentric Canadians were and how oblivious they are to how other parts of the world have handled the pandemic, which is in stark contrast with how Canada has dealt with it. The fact that so many Canadians gave up so many of their civil liberties over night in the name of ‘keeping everyone safe’ continues to astound me and I think that in years time we’ll understand it was an overreaction.

We are still talking about a virus with a 99% survival rate that these eternal fear-mongers continue to ignore. That 75% of those who succumbed to the virus were over the age of 65 years and had 3 or more co-morbidities, again another fact the eternal fearful simply want to ignore, still.

It never ceases to annoy me how preachy Canadians are, how they truly believe they are morally superior to others. How they finger wag, try to get other people into trouble, like their kids on a playground. The way they infantilize themselves and everyone else around them is growing exponentially. How they tell us to all believe in the science, but not when the science is telling them they no longer have to wear a mask.

It’s like the left when they tell everyone to trust the science as it pertains to COVID hysteria, climate change outrage, but don’t believe in the science around biological sex. That’s different, but they can’t tell you how it’s different.

I’ve been in Argentina, like last year, I’ve also been to Uruguay, and none of these countries have restrictions, they do not maintain social distancing, are not wearing masks, etc. They have not lost 40% of their population, in fact, they haven’t even lost 0.1% of their population to the virus. What they’ve done has encouraged the elderly, especially those with underlying health issues to stay home, and allow everyone else to go about their business. Don’t you think that’s the most mature, adult way to handle this?

I do. So I’m not wearing my mask again. I was never worried about this virus, I was never worried about getting it and I was definitely not worried about dying from it. And I was never afraid of killing anyone from it.

I do not live my life in fear. I choose to live my life, and I choose to behave in a way that allows others to choose to live their lives however they please.

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