Adios, Argentina!

From 2011 to 2012 I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have many fond memories of my time there and it is why I have made return trips almost every year since then.

It’s a wonderful, beautiful place to visit and I am fortunate to be able to have the resources and support to make these trips. I have visited seven provinces in this country, from Buenos Aires, to Mendoza, to Jujuy, to Tucumán, to Salta, to Misiones where I visited the Iguazu Falls, it’s been a blast.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel to Uruguay via ferry where I soaked up the sun on their many beaches.

However, I have determined that this will be my final trip to this beautiful region of the world, at least for the next decade. Time to explore other places and to let it go for now. I will miss it I’m sure, but I have to make a change and see other parts of this humungous world.

I will not miss the terrible customer service and the lack of organization however, but I will miss the beautiful architecture, Sunday afternoons sipping beer in Palermo and all the long walks I’ve taken in all the years I’ve visited.

Here are some of my latest photos of my time here. I have taken so many through the last decade but for now I’ll focus on the last three weeks. Adios Argentina, I will miss you and will never forget you.

Thanks for letting me in!

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