My GOP Friend

I spend a lot of my time talking to people others wouldn’t give the time of day to. I’ve sat at countless bar stools in Toronto chatting up those who are vastly different and who think very differently than I do. I learn a lot, too. I’m never offended.

One of these guys is named Texas Matt, because he is from Texas, a former military dude with a nice girlfriend who just happens to vote for the GOP. I like him a lot. He’s anti-abortion and all sorts of things that I am not. Somehow, despite all of it, we get along nicely.

I like to think he learns from me and I learn from him. But maybe I’m the only one doing the learning. He’s full of shit at times, but then, so am I. However, when I am not that informed on a topic and I think he’s bullshitting me I make a point to research it later.

I don’t take it personally or attempt to say something for the sake of saying something, or pretend I know something I don’t know because my ego got bruised. I’ve learned through the years to be comfortable with being misinformed or ignorant. Ignorant isn’t a bad word if you make a plan to learn.

The thing I’m trying to say is when we’ve disagreed this conservative Republican has shown me more respect through the years than any liberal. He never condescended to me, rather I fear I may have to him. For me, that’s another lesson: never judge a book by its cover. I’m so cheesy!

Because of COVID Texas Matt no longer lives in Toronto. He moved out of the city with his girlfriend. But I have some nice memories of our many many many conversations.

He was unique. For me, anyway. I wish we all could have friends from any political party and be okay with not agreeing on every subject. It’s not as common today as it used to be.

2 thoughts on “My GOP Friend

  1. Not one of my conservative friends has ever let differences of opinion get in the way of our friendship. In contrast, recently several of my progressive friends have ‘cancelled’ me, after accusing me of ‘turning right wing’, for holding the same moderate views I always have.

    1. It’s the irony isn’t it? They’re everything they claim to hate. Intolerant, closed-minded, single-minded, it goes on. I keep telling people it’s not me who’s changed it’s the left/liberals who have. Somehow the right has become more liberal than the left, and I never thought that would happen. Shame on me.

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