Bail out for you but not for me

I read today that United States president Joe Biden told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus he’s looking at forgiving some federal student loan debt. Sigh. This annoys me for many reasons. Here’s why.

Like many I did not have the money to go to university. I had to work my way through it. My dad was an Italian immigrant who worked as a barber. My mom was a homemaker who helped raise 5 kids. Not well, but she thinks she did a good job. Ha.

Beginning in high school I worked 44 hours a week from grade 10 to OAC (in Canada at the time we had a university prep year called OAC) while waking up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, five days a week, to drive my delinquent brother to his factory job in Milton, Ontario. He had lost his drivers license for the third time because he was pulled over by police for driving under the influence. Then after I had finished a full day at school I would pick him up, drive him home, then drive myself to my produce job, and then do it all over again the next day.

Even with all the money I saved I was forced to apply for student loans and pay my own rent while at university. I worked full-time while studying full-time and graduated with $38,000 in student loan debt. With pride I can say that I paid it all back by the time I was 27 by working three jobs. Then I bought an apartment.

People think this is an astonishing thing to do now but while I lived in London, England I woke up at 6:00 a.m., took the tram to Wimbledon where I was the Personal Support Worker for a teenage boy with Cerebral Palsy then went to my day job as an Education Assistant for a private school in Putney, later Mitcham, then back to Wimbledon to again look after the boy with CP, then later in the evening I did some tutoring.

I was 24 to 26 and used the money I earned to pay rent and to repay over 1,000 quid a month to my student loan debt. Looking back I don’t know how I did it, but I did it. Now these assholes are set to get it all for free.

Sometimes I wonder why I try at all. But I guess what I did built character. I may not be the brightest bulb but at least I’m honest and work hard.

It’s funny how these imbeciles are getting useless degrees and then whining that they can’t find a job that let’s them do what they want to do. If you want to be of any use in the world do not get a degree in gender studies, it’s useless in the real world. You have to bully and intimidate organizations to hire you.

My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy, coupled with a post-graduate certificate in public relations and corporate communications. I knew I had to go to work, any job would do, and so I did. I didn’t sit around waiting for a job to come to me. I didn’t sit around crying and whining about why no one would help me. I helped myself.

By bailing them out the only message these kids are going to receive is that someone else saved them from their poor life choices. However, as my friend Kevan told me, they’re in for a rude awakening because that isn’t true in regular life.

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