Today is Saturday, April 30, 2022 and I am 43 years old. Here I am on the boat dock at the cottage on Balsam Lake in Ontario.

Every birthday I am reminded how lucky I am to still be here on this planet when many I once knew didn’t make it to this age. Life is a gift, a marvelous blessing, and I am happy to be here even during the darkest of days.

In a world meniacally obsessed with being cool, just be yourself.

Being cool has nothing to do with your haircut. Or your hair colour. Or your tattoos, it has nothing to do with your sexuality or how you choose to identify. It has nothing to do with what clothes you wear or what music you listen to. None of these items make up for a lack of personality.

Being cool for me is about being present, taking in the moments and being comfortable with yourself and not caring what others think of you. It has nothing to do with projecting an image so peers see you in a particular way.

Today I am going to go to a nice Italian restaurant for lunch and then I hope to go for a couple of drinks around the city. Simple. Life is best when it is simple.

Have a great day everyone, and remember that on this day in 1945 Hitler killed himself.

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