You deserve to be healthy

Someone I follow recently tweeted: “You deserve to be healthy. So do it.”

I couldn’t agree more. But for most people making healthier choices is too much work for them.

In my building there is an obese woman who orders MacDonald’s every morning for breakfast through Uber Eats. She lives on the 2nd floor and takes the elevator down to pick it up and then back up to her apartment. This tweet applies to people like her, but she’s too seeped in misery to know it. She deserves to be happy, so why doesn’t she make better choices?

I know a lot of unhealthy bartenders. They drink too much, take drugs to drink more, sleep with random people, eat shit food and then wake up the next day to do it all over again. It’s an endless cycle of juvenile dysfunction. They blame all of their problems on ‘society’.

But it has nothing to do with society. It has everything to do with them. They could make healthier choices but they find there is no excitement in that. Then they wonder why they haven’t got a pot to piss in at 40. Even 50 in some cases. Healthier choices = healthier brain.

I wonder how depressed they are. It can’t be mentally or physically healthy to have substances running through your blood everyday and craving more of it to appear functional. Then there’s all the tattoos, weird haircuts, hipster eyewear they decorate themselves with to appear like they have a personality, or that they’re interesting.

It also can’t be emotionally or mentally healthy to look in the mirror and see the reflection of an obese person. I can tell you that when I have gained even 10 pounds I feel uncomfortable in my clothes and my skin. It’s not something that I like, and so when I’ve indulged too much I make sacrifices that inevitably help improve my mental and physical health.

But many don’t want to put in that work, that’s why we see a rise in obesity rates in North America, and why the fat acceptance movement has gained traction. Rather than improving themselves they want to bully and intimidate the general public into believing their beautiful. This is primarily a tactic of obese women, you’ll rarely find obese men emotionally manipulating their peers into thinking they’re gorgeous.

They don’t want to put any effort into their lives and to validate their poor life choices they want to force the general public into being as deluded as they are. Most people don’t want to put up the fight so they simply go along with this deluded narrative.

There’s a real strange infantile nature to our current culture that to be frank, I find disturbing. Grown ass adults who have and want no responsibility. They want to act like children even at an age when doing so is tragic. And then they blame ‘society’ for all their misfortunes.

I know a guy who is 24 years old, who identifies as ‘queer’ though he only dates women, who has a skull tattoo. There’s a strange trend with heterosexual men of this generation to identify as queer because they think it’s somewhat ‘cool’ to appear marginalized. It’s almost as though he thinks that by identifying as queer he’s interesting. Regarding his skull and neck tattoos I think he’s probably going to regret that at some point. But he’s immersed in bar culture and works with people who enable bad choices.

I don’t have a problem with skull tattoos or face tattoos even, but many employers, for very good reasons, do have a problem with it, especially if the employee is to be the ‘face’ of the company or organization. That’s the world we live in, currently, one of growing juvenile behavior. I don’t know many people other than owners of dark bars who are 100% okay with said tattoos.

But it’s the reasons these people do get these tattoos that intrigues me. If it’s done to ‘fit in’ to a particular culture, or to appear ‘cool’ to other people, or interesting, or to make up for a lack of a personality or character, well, I personally can see right through that, and so can most people.

So anyway, yes, everyone deserves to be healthy. But like most things, that takes work and few people in Canada appear to want to put in that work. Best to just sit on their asses, get fat and blame the ‘system’ for all their woes.

Instead of actually establishing a personality they think the external decorations of their bodies will fool others into believing they have one. What they’re left with is nothing.

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