Roe v. Wade

I grew up somewhat Roman Catholic, in a very strict, disciplined & focused house. Because of this, I believed in many of the tenets I was taught at school, one of them being that abortion was a sin. One day, while having lunch with my dad I went into a sermon about the sins of abortion.

My father stopped me to tell me that abortion is a very hard, difficult decision, that many couples make because of the hardships of their lives & the situations they are in. It took me many years to understand that my dad was telling me that that was a decision he & my mom once made.

The words my father was speaking took me back. How could he say such a thing? This man who told me that if I slept on my left side I was communing with the devil?!

Well, life isn’t so clear cut.

But in my righteousness I ignored his warnings. I don’t take well to people who don’t tell me things straight out, but perhaps the reason my dad didn’t, a man who was a straight-talker was because he felt great shame in the decision he & my mom made.

I didn’t come from money. There were 7 of us & my dad was supporting 6. Who can imagine that now? He did what he could. I have a lot of sympathy for those who had to abort a fetus, or a baby, or a life, or a child, whatever you want to believe it is for the sake of your argument.

For my mom & dad, it was a decision that they kept very quiet & they felt tremendous shame over. So much that my dad could only allude to it to his middle child. I’m glad my mom had access to safe facilities. If she even did. If she didn’t, I wish she had.

There were times I felt my parents made that decision b/c they understood who they were & the type of parents they would become. So many would say well they shouldn’t have copulated. There are so many simple arguments. But they are simple & they are wrong.

Grow up in my environment & tell me different.

I will always defend a woman’s right to choose.

3 thoughts on “Roe v. Wade

  1. I favor no restrictions on abortion up to viability, but I don’t believe the US Constitution protects it as a right, and find Dobbs held correctly and with erudition.

    I see the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that a fetus has no rights as a person until the moment of birth. In contrast, Roe & Casey recognized the ‘potential life’ which had gradually increasing rights, outweighing those of the mother at the point of viability.

    In the US, a legal right to abortion could be established via either legislation or a constitutional amendment. With Roe, the Court exceeded its sole mandate by arrogating that power from the states and the people,

    Distinguishing the legal ‘is’ vs. the philosophical ‘should’, I’m curious as to why you believe a woman has a natural right to abortion.

    1. I’d argue she has a right to a safe abortion, because if she truly wants one she’s going to go do it anyway. Making abortions illegal or next to impossible to get will never stop them from occurring. I’m in favour of abortion in the first trimester, not in the second or third, but no one truly cares about my opinions on that. And I’m sure if I expressed them they would be contradictory. I do believe that life begins at conception but again, who cares what I believe?! I’m not necessarily familiar with the laws, but in defending those who made a challenging decision they still live with today. Not sure if any of that answers your question though.

      1. FYI, 65% in the US oppose elective abortion in the 2nd trimester, 80% in the third. Nearly everyone I talk to holds an opinion as nuanced as yours. The full pro-life vs. full pro-choice false dichotomy does not reflect most folks’ views, but makes for great demagoguery.

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