Spiritual and intellectual poverty

As a critic of Toronto culture, I am challanged from time-to-time by others who ask why it bothers me that Toronto gays, for example, are so vapid. Live and let live they tell me. They’ll ask, “How does it effect your life?” Well, they’re right, it often doesn’t as I live a more independent, adult life than they do. However, it is incumbent upon me to be critical, and observant. I cannot like so many others become apathetic and indifferent to how juvenile we’re becoming.

We as a society cannot afford to ignore the infantile nature of North American life because it is weakening us, and as so many turn a blind eye, I suspect that in a decade they will see a complete change to the quality of their lives. Yet they’ll be the first to ask, what happened? Well, what happened is that you’re all spiritually and culturally bankrupt.

I’ll give you an example. While In Italy, either this last trip or those before it, I will visit friends and family in their homes. It always shocks me how much more adult they live compared to, let’s say, Torontonians.

Let me get even more specific. While in Turin I visited my friend Vincenzo, who is gay, and he was kind enough to allow us to sleep over at his apartment. I was immediately struck with how mature he lived. How age-appropriate his apartment was.

In Toronto, gay men are quite immature, even at 40, and their homes reflect that. It is quite common to see men in their 40s decorating their walls with Marvel movie posters, which at least they’ve framed, and their bookshelves have superhero figurines on them, and comicbooks, not novels. Not one figurine mind you, but several. It’s like walking into a 12-year-old boy’s room and it is the norm, not the exception.

I know many gay men from more culturally rich countries and they are on average, more mature than Canadian gay men. They not only behave and live more maturely, their interests are more diverse and rich. While most gay men in Toronto can only talk about themselves, gay men in Italy can talk knowledgably about a host of topics including history, architecture, art, academia, geography, etc. They’re not know-it-alls like in Toronto, they actually know. The contrast between gay men in Toronto versus those in, let’s say, Italy, is painfully apparent.

A gay friend wrote this to me on Twitter: “Gay culture in Toronto is a dead end. It has nothing to offer spiritually. Pride every year, drag queen brunch, “stanning” for a pop bitch, applauding PC atrocities in the arts. I think it is linked to the spiritual and intellectual poverty in the culture at large.”

That perfectly encapsulates my issues with gay men in Toronto. And it’s not only gay men, it’s men. And at times, it’s women, too.

It is this spiritual and intellectual poverty that has allowed wokeness to flourish. You no longer have to be educated, you have to “feel” and that has become more important than knowledge. And this laziness to educate themselves is reflective of a people who want everything, even respectability, without putting in any of the work.

As someone who is infinitely engaged in the world around him, it is hard to ignore the countelss mindless drones that surround me. People who believe making their own lunch is too hard, so order in. People who think it’s too hard to clean their own mess, so outsource the work and have someone else do it. It’s too hard to chop a vegetable, have them pre-chopped. But don’t go to a grocery store to buy them yourself, best to place an online order and have them delivered. That way they never have to move.

And that brings me to another thing: the obesity epidemic in Canada. While in Italy I visited Rome, Tivoli, Florence, Pisa, Turin, Cinque Terre and never saw an obese person. I not once laid eyes on a homeless crack addict on the streets in any of the cities I visited. But in Toronto, it’s all I see, you can’t escape it.

We are a lazy people in comparison to those in European and South American countries and it is not something that we should pride ourselves on. But yet, it is something that we do not attempt to correct, we’ve become complacent in all of it. It’s too hard to change, to adopt healthier habits, so best blame the governement, or the patriarchy, or white supremacy, or whatever other dumb thing spirtually impoverished people can blame it on.

Anything but taking personal responsibility, accountability or ownership is encouraged. Become a victim, blame someone else, perhaps someone more successful. People find it hard to look inward and aren’t brave enough to understand that they put themselves where they are. They lack the self-awareness, the introspective skills to truly learn why it is their lives are hard. It rarely has anything to do with their sexuality, race, religion, sex, gender.

When I speak to gay men in Toronto I’m annoyed by how much they blame their problems on the external, never them. But they’re the ones who are shallow, superifical, vacuous, vacant, vapid, without goals and ambitions who believe good fortune should be provided to them not earned. They’re the ones who believe one’s self-worth and value are determined on desirability, attractiveness, youth and beauty who are incapable of coping when these traits evaporate with age. It’s not the system’s fault they are spirtually bankrupt, they never put in the work to be a more well-rounded individual. They’ve always been immature.

So this is why these things bother me. If you’re a person with any substance, however slight it may be, this vapidness is hard to tolerate.

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